Washington, D.C., police have launched an internal affairs investigation over statements made in the current Chris Brown assault case. There are apparent discrepancies over statements between a police officer and an acquaintance whose identity has not been revealed. D.C. police will find it difficult to move forward with this case until the inconsistencies in the charging documents are cleared up.

According to police records, a police officer told Brown’s acquaintance that Brown never assaulted the alleged victim of the case. When interviewed about the statement, the police officer denied ever speaking to the acquaintance, but a Secret Service officer who was out of uniform stated that he overheard a similar conversation occur.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier expressed in a written statement, “We are aware of the discrepancy among witness statements in the Chris Brown case. This is not uncommon in cases with multiple witnesses involved. We have received no complaint of misconduct on the part of any officer in this matter.” In an earlier interview conducted last week, she said, “Nobody has accused anybody of lying. One person says one thing, one person says something else. Nobody has made an allegation that an officer is lying.”

Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault in D.C. when a man accused Brown and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, of punching him because he tried to get into a photo that the R&B star was attempting to take with two other people. Brown recently rejected a plea offer for this case and is due back in court on Feb. 20.