In White Plains, N.Y., the Beta Zeta Foundation presented awards to the Westchester County Food Pantry, St. Thomas Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Grace Church Community Center, Community Center of Northern Westchester, Shepard’s Flock, Mt. Hope Zion Church and Greater Centennial of Mt. Vernon.

News reports around the nation highlight a record number of homeless and sheltered families, with growing lines around food pantries and churches starting in the early morning and lasting to late evening, seven days a week. Families in dire need of food are being turned away because of empty pantries. More whole families are living in shelters than ever recorded in our nation’s history. Sigma Phi Phi Fraternity saw an opportunity to aid the homeless and sheltered families through its second canned food drive.

The “Fraternity Food Pantry” started in January and ended March 8. The selected food pantries were recommended by either a foundation member or community member for Beta Zeta Boule to deliver to the seven food pantries in the Westchester County. Representatives from each food pantry were invited to attend an awards ceremony in White Plain, N.Y. Each food pantry received a check for $1,000.