Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway was packed possibly 2 million strong for the colorful, musical, culturally explosive 48th annual West Indian American Day Carnival on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7.

From the early morning V.I.P. breakfast at Lincoln Terrace Park to the Parkway, electeds and locals were jamming. Caribbean flags from just about every nation joined the colorful, naturally bountiful throng. The six-hour carnival brought out folks from all over the world, nation and state. Locals were in abundance, too, from grassroots groups such as the Chris Owens Foundation, to the Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corp, to the Nation of Islam (pushing their 10.10.15 Million Man Anniversary D.C. rally). Gov. Andrew Cuomo was among the many electeds who condemned the early morning shooting of his aide Carey Gabay. Mayor Bill de Blasio was in attendance, as were politicians such as Rep. Yvette Clarke, Assembly Members Nick Perry and Walter Mosley, Borough Presidents Ruben Diaz and Eric Adams and Council Members Jumaane Williams, Vanessa L. Gibson and Laurie A. Cumbo.