There is no question in my mind that Donald Trump is a national and international embarrassment. Donald Trump is a racist, ignorant egomaniac, who in all probability will not become president. However, his racist rantings may inspire some sick white racist to engage in violent acts against Muslims, or Mexicans, or any people of color, including Black people. Remember, it was Trump who called for the death penalty for our proved-innocent Central Park brothers. It was Trump who said Muslims should not be allowed in this country and Mexicans are criminals and rapists. I need not spend any more time on Trump’s idiotic rhetoric and rants. I think you get my point. Trump is a dangerous man because he has Tea Party-type racist, extremist followers, who believe in his madness and may engage in extremist behavior.

On the other hand, there is a dangerous element to Hillary Clinton as well. Remember, Clinton had a taste of power, as first lady, U.S. senator from New York and secretary of state. Let’s check her record.

Clinton’s record has been spared scrutiny because of the distraction of Trump’s racist, ignorant rantings. Remember, it was the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton as president and Hillary as first lady, that gave us the “Don’t end it, mend it” policy that rolled back the benefits of affirmative action. The Clintons gave us the oppressive crime bill that included the infamous “three strikes and you’re in prison for life” policy that aided and abetted mass incarceration and the building of the prison-industrial complex. It was the Clintons who ended welfare as an entitlement program (as long as you demonstrated a need) and imposed a five-year limit, kicking children and their families off welfare, regardless of need, creating more poverty and hopelessness.

The Clintons gave us the conservative, exploitative “Free Trade” agreements instead of “Fair Trade.” And Sen. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War, causing death and destruction to innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan and America. Remember, there were no weapons of mass destruction. I often ask Clinton supporters what did Clinton do for the Black community, when she was U.S. senator. They don’t name a solitary thing and neither can I.

As secretary of state, Clinton was a strong advocate of regime change in the African country of Libya, which led to the murder of President Gaddafi and destabilization of Libya. She also led the charge for sanctions against the African nation of Zimbabwe, because it was taking its land back from Europeans who stole it from them in the first place. In short, Clinton is a conservative Democrat, not a progressive.

According to polls, Hillary Clinton has a good chance of becoming president, although Bernie Sanders will have something to say about that. If elected, Clinton will have the power of the presidency to implement her foreign and domestic policies, which have proved to be oppressive to people of color in general and Black people in particular.

We must be intelligent voters. No one should be able to take our vote for granted. Don’t blindly accept candidates because Black leaders are parading them through our community. We must demand that candidates support our interests/agenda to address poverty, unemployment, homelessness, wealth and income inequality, mis-education, inadequate health care, mass incarceration, police terrorism, community crime and systemic racism.

Don’t vote for the “lesser of two evils.” We should not vote for any evil at all. Vote for those who support our interests and agenda. That is what an informed, intelligent people would do.