A clean living room, designed by  Madame Paulette (238108)

Are you working on your “to-do” list for spring cleaning? There’s no time like the present to clear your home of clutter and dust. For spring/summer, it’s important to make the necessary changes in drapes and curtains that will facilitate cool air circulation and light. If you need assistance, let the experts at Madame Paulette help you with the following tips:

  1. Because all curtains and porous fabrics accumulate dust throughout the winter season, it is essential to have them properly cleaned. Remove dust, which can cause abrasions and damage to the textiles. Madame Paulette’s team of artisans will individually assess and clean each textile based on the fabric type and condition and remove all dust and staining matter that has settled. Switch curtains to a lighter fabric for spring, and make sure to have your winter drapes and curtains professionally cleaned and store them for the next season.

  2. Madame Paulette Protection Guard is an “All Green” fabric or fiber protection process used to clean carpets and other fine textiles. This product will protect your valued textiles against future spills, stains, spots and soils, and will keep them from penetrating and ruining the fabric. In addition, the Madame Paulette UV Protection Process will protect all fabrics from unwanted natural sun fading and subsequent fabric disintegration.

  3. Be mindful of what your cleaning products are made from. If you have children or pets, using certain products in a confined area could be harmful. Even if the products are not harmful, children and even pets can develop allergies to certain chemicals. Not to worry! Madame Paulette can perform all home cleaning services using green methods to safeguard your health.

Beyoncé is just one Madame Paulette’s list of celebrity clients. Designers such as Vera Wang trust this company to maintain, renew and preserve their bridal collections. In fact, several designers rely on Madame Paulette’s company to keep their collections clean. Owned by John Mahdessian, the company offers pest control, water and fire damage restoration services, and interior cleaning services in New York City. Years ago, there used to be several easy-to-find professionals in your neighborhood to reupholster your chairs and clean drapes and rugs.

Before they begin, Madame Paulette provides complimentary consultations so that you are properly prepared for all seasons. The company also provides expert treatments and interior cleaning services to offices, private yachts and aviation. Their unique moth damage control services will eliminate moth problems. It’s recommended that you have your home thoroughly treated for comprehensive dust removal and an interior cleaning at least once a year. This company is also good for stain removal, and they offer a stain removal kit. For appointments, contact mingo@madamepaulette.com.