Last year, DJ and music executive DJ Khaled teamed up with Viacom and the Get Schooled Foundation to create a program called “Keys to Success,” in which monthly keys are offered to high school students that offer tips and advice on setting goals and the tools to finish college.

Get Schooled was founded in 2009 in New York City by Viacom and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The organization recently adopted Khaled as a national representative, giving him and “Keys to Success” much exposure as Viacom teamed up with Ad Council to air public service announcements that featured the 41-year-old producer.

DJ Khaled shared in a statement, which was reported by, “I made a priority in my life to inspire the young world that anything is possible as long as you follow the keys to success, [and] a major key is commitment to education. I want the youth to know that if they stay away from “they” and stay in school, that this is the major key to success,” he stated. “I have worked with Get Schooled and have seen what an impact the organization has on kids across America. I am excited and honored to launch this Keys program to motivate even more kids to succeed in school.”

After a successful year, Viacom and Get Schooled honored Khaled earlier this month with the “Khaled Key Day.” The campaign has been reported to have attracted nearly 1 million views on the Get Schooled website.

Khaled’s next effort with Get Schooled is called “Win More Music,” which will provide students with relevant information about the music industry.

With all of his success in the educational field, the music exec is preparing for the release of his new star-studded mixtape, “Grateful,” which features the newly dropped single, “Wild Thoughts,” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. The album includes tracks performed by Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Future, Travis Scott, Nas and more. “Grateful” drops June 23.

Educators interested in being part of DJ Khaled and Get Schooled’s “Win More Music” can sign up at