Rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z released “Footnotes” to accompany his emotional opus, “4:44,” which was released exclusively on the digital music provider, TIDAL. “Footnotes” shows a montage of Black men and men of color giving accounts of their trials in relationships. Jay Z himself opens up about his marriage, confessing that he felt ready to love but had no clue about the mechanics of a relationship and how to properly connect with his partner, Beyoncé Knowles.

“Footnotes” is an 11-minute documentary style exclusive video that features some of America’s most powerful men in entertainment, sports and journalism. Not only do men such as Chris Rock, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Anderson, Will Smith and others talk about the bad advice they received from their dating mentors, their relationships and emotional experiences, but Jay Z and his production team talk about some of the stories behind the lyrics of “4:44,” giving real footnotes of context to the album.

This video is candid and reveals the truth about the emotional maturation of Black men and men of color. The video followed the release of “The Story of OJ” and the title track “4:44” that were also exclusively released on TIDAL.

The 47-year-old artist opens up about his wounds and experiences and creates an artistic portrait of the story of his marriage, courtship and the growth of his family, which now includes three children who arrived after his wife experienced stillborn miscarriages that the rapper confesses occurred because of his absence. “Footnotes” on “4:44” is a must-see for the Black community as it gives Black men from the projects and from different American backgrounds a voice to be honest about their personal journeys of love.