Mary J. Blige is the recipient of not one, but two Oscar nominations for the 90th annual Academy Awards. This occasion is Blige’s first time being nominated. Her work dates back to 1992, when she emerged on the scene with the hip-hop/new jack swing hybrid classic album, “What’s the 411?”

More than 25 years later, Blige will attend this year’s Academy Awards with her head held high, able to maintain her rightful throne as Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and esteemed actress in Hollywood. “Entertainment Tonight” reported the longtime singer was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Mudbound,” the Dee Rees-directed Netflix film about two families—one Black and one white—struggling to survive during the postwar Jim Crow era in rural Mississippi. Blige was also nominated for Best Original Song for “Mighty River,” which she wrote and sang for the film.

Blige’s songwriting contributions of the song “Mighty River” were shared with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinton. Forbes reported, “Mary J. Blige came into this morning never having been nominated for an Oscar, and now she’s up for two this year, which is an extremely rare feat for any talent. She’s up for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song for ‘Mighty River,’ which is taken from the acclaimed Netflix film ‘Mudbound.’ Fellow songwriters Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinton have also never been nominated before, though both Blige and Saadiq are already Grammy winners.”

Blige has experienced many ups and downs in her career, the latest being a recent split from longtime husband and manager, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs.

Nothing has ever been able to knock this powerhouse legend of Black music down for long. Blige’s career has hit a new level after years of showing consistency and grace in her music career. Good things always come to those who work and wait.