Jamilla Woods (275811)

It has been reported that Chicago-based neo-soul artist, Jamila Woods, will release a new album. The record, titled “Legacy! Legacy!” is officially due out via Jagjaguwar May 10.

Woods is not only an incredible musician but also an invaluable poet; she is the artistic director of Young Chicago Poets and a mentor to young writers, along with having strong ties to New York City as a performer.

“Legacy! Legacy!” arrives with a new single—“Zora”—which is written for Zora Neale Hurston, the revolutionary author and anthropologist who wrote the 1937 classic book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”

In a statement about the new single, Woods expressed: “My weaponry is my energy … an antidote for the feeling of being judged on first glance. A salve for when people think they know you better than you know yourself… It’s about refusing to be essentialized and not allowing your identity to be put in a box. You contain multitudes. You are ever evolving. A song to get free from stereotypes and assumptions.”

The music video for “Zora” was directed by Vincent Martell and was shot in the Johnson Publishing Archives at Chicago’s Stony Island Arts Bank, which hosts historical Black literature.

The album is dedicated to African-Americans and people of color. It is devoted to leaders in literature, music, acting and the visual arts like Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, Eartha Kitt and Frida Kahlo.

Be sure to support this brilliant Black woman artist who contributes so much to contemporary music and art.

“Legacy! Legacy!” track list:




“Sonia” (Ft. Nitty Scott)





“Basquiat” (ft. Saba)

“Sun Ra” (ft. Themind and Jasminfire)


“Baldwin” (ft. Nico Segal)

“Betty” (for Boogie)