Black love reigns supreme as a Brooklyn couple exchanged vows at the Black Lives Matter mural in Bedford Stuyvesant. The bride––local hairstylist Makeita Wilson, and groom––entrepreneur Shancton Thompson, along with a wedding party of 16 made it official before a party of 30 at a special socially distanced affair. 

“Shancton and I met 11 and a half years ago though a friend,” said Makeita. “We went on many dates, and one particular date he invited me over for dinner, we talked all night long and fell in love with a conversation. We had so many things in common. We love music, fashion and our children. We both had 2 outside children that means the world to us. He has 2 girls and I have 2 boys, and a year later we had a daughter together.”

She continued that Shancton “proposed to me on my birthday April 3, 2019. And we announced our engagement to family and friends at a birthday get together for our birthday dinner, because our birthdays are four days apart.”

Originally they had planned to get married July 2020, but then COVID-19 happened. Makeita said, “So myself and my daughter was walking on Fulton Street and came across the mural and started taking selfies…and then we saw the wooden bodies and she started asking me questions on who was Emmett Till, George Floyd, Michael Brown, Eric Garner to name a few. So, I made her do her research on them. I continue to talk to my daughter to let her know no matter what race, sex, or religion etc. a person is [it] doesn’t mean [someone shouldn’t] hate them. Later that night I was lying in bed and had the craziest thought of getting married on the mural. It was more because through all the tragedies that’s going on in the world, let’s put some happiness and love back into the universe. Black Love Matters.”