Police lights/NYPD (299278)
Police lights/NYPD Credit: Image by tevenet from Pixabay

Several community leaders and advocates voiced their support this week for the city’s new police reforms establishing clear guidelines and penalties for officer misconduct.

The new agreement between the NYPD and CCRB, announced last week, will strengthen the Discipline Matrix and ensure greater transparency around police discipline. These reforms are part of the administration’s larger pledge to reimagine policing for a safer and fairer city.

Among those voicing their support include FPWA CEO Jennifer Jones Austin, New York Urban League CEO Arva Rice, and the Rev. Dr. V Simpson Turner Jr., lead pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

As part of the larger New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative, the city undertook an extensive community engagement process last fall to develop a concrete set of additional new reforms that will allow police to better serve residents. After receiving extensive feedback from city officials, the NYPD, justice advocates and other stakeholders, the city will publish its initial set of new reforms in the coming weeks for public comment before bringing to the City Council for ratification on or before April 1.