EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was originally published on April 14, 2022

Last Monday marked the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Civil Rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tenn. Every step towards freedom for the Black man in this country has been measured with his blood.

Although James Earl Ray was convicted in 1969 for the crime, little mention is made that three decades later a Memphis jury deemed the United States government “guilty of conspiring to assassinate Dr. King Jr.”

On Dec. 8, 1999, 12 jurists unanimously rendered a guilty verdict after a four-week civil trial of listening to more than 70 witnesses’ testimonies. The King family, who filed the civil suit, was awarded $100, which they donated to charity.

During the trial, “The government’s carefully interwoven plot to kill Dr. King” was revealed. Loyd Jowers said the kill shot was fired from behind his Jim’s Grill, which was close to the Lorraine Motel, whose balcony King was standing on when shot down on April 4, 1968.

It was determined that “local, state and federal U.S government agencies, and the Mafia, were all involved.”

Earl Ray reportedly was renting a room above Jowers’ restaurant then and was scapegoated in the plot.

In a press-conference transcript, Jowers named Memphis Police Department Officer Lt. Earl Clark as Dr. King’s assassin.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, Jowers insisted that “a Memphis produce dealer, who was involved with the Mafia, gave [Jowers] $100,000 to hire an assassin and assured him that the police would not be at the scene of the shooting.”

Jowers also allegedly received the murder weapon prior to the murder from someone named Raoul.

“There is abundant evidence of a major high-level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King Jr.,” commented Mrs. Coretta Scott-King after expressing gratitude to the jury. “And the civil court’s unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations.” Adding: “This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself.”

While the government, at various levels, has long been suspected of being “deeply involved in the assassination of my husband” she noted, she’s thankful that the “full truth of the assassination has been revealed and adjudicated in a court of law.”

She concluded, “Therefore, is a great victory for justice and truth. Not only for the peace of mind of our family but to also bring closure and healing to the nation.” Dr. King’s son, Dexter Scott King, called his father’s assassination “the most incredible cover-up of the century.”

King’s other children, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King, also expressed thanks at the result and noted “the seriousness with which U.S. intelligence agencies planned the murder of” their father.

They grew to become aware “of the threat” their father’s movement “represented to the powers that be during the spring of 1968.”

“No surprises here, that’s this country’s history,” contends social analyst, La Meh Mua. “The U.S. government has also been closely linked to the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X as well.”

Observers state how ironic is it that 54 years after Memphis, the very same government which now honors Dr. King with a national holiday, is also responsible for his assassination?

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  1. It would be interesting to read the statements of the 70 people who were interviewed in Memphis as part of the investigation into who murdered Dr. King. If the 70 interviews in the civil trial are ever printed, the public needs to know.

  2. Another strange, sudden death that needs re-examination is the case of Abraham Gugsa Dabela, who lived in Redding, Connecticut, before he lost his life.

    See: change.org
    Justice 4 Abe

  3. It’s tragic that our country used consciousless feigns like J E Hoover and now being aware, the military, to kill one of the greatest spiritual and progressives in history!

  4. It’s sad finally find out US Gov had something with Dr Martin L King Death , he a lead for human rights , fairness, equal rights , but you are aware that it was much more than that; because this was not only a smart man , he was a man of Color , now take in mind we had to witness the sadness on that 1968 I was only and still remember the glue to TV here this sad news . Look he a great leader, and I know he with God because his life was stolen by US Gov you kill by sword you will die by sword . You Reap what you plant a seed for , however we all have to be accountable for our actions God has Dr. King because life was stolen from him . I could go on and but to the King Family so sorry he’s not here to see things , like he said year ago quoted ( I have dream speech) touch the world black and white people his life was not in vain he got his angel pearls. Amen to the King. God love him RIP .

  5. I have read transcripts of a few of his speeches; he truly was a great man who preached very important and meaningful ideas – all aimed at helping black people gain equality and better lives in this country. That said – I must also say; I find the fact that an increasing number of young black Americans now downplaying the significance of his words or his efforts very disparaging. They likely know very little, if anything about what he said, or how very important and meaningful it all was – and they should! – We All should.

  6. Thank you “I Know” for your comments. I truly agree with you, very few African Americans know the full greatest of MLK. I have always told people – know your history and don’t let anyone tell you about your history, because they will diminish it for their purpose.
    Also, $100 is a slap in the face. $100 million should have been the awarded to the family. The judge and jury should be a shame of themselves. The message that was sent by that award says MLK’s worth was meaningless.

    1. The family was awarded $100, the full amount of their request. They did it to make a point that it truly was not about the money, but bringing the truth to light.

  7. The far left realized that MLK could help unify the races in the US. He was a threat to their plans which required disharmony and keeping the races divided. After his death, the great white fathers who took his place implemented the “great society”. It’s purpose was to destroy black pride and families and make black people wards of federal government programs. Federal housing projects are like concentration camps without walls and guards.

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