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It has been reported that Solange Knowles has been commissioned to compose a score for the New York City Ballet. It was announced on Aug. 15 that the talented songwriter who previously created works for the Guggenheim will create original music in collaboration with choreographer Gianna Reisen. Reisen became the youngest choreographer to work with NYCB in 2017. The music will be composed for a chamber ensemble.

The ballet piece, which is currently untitled, will premiere at Lincoln Center on Sept. 28 for the NYCB’s Fashion Gala.

“Her music for Reisen will be her debut in ballet, which was formative for her as a child in Houston. She saw Lauren Anderson, a pioneering Black principal dancer at Houston Ballet,” writes The New York Times.

Knowles, the sister of Beyoncé, has been celebrated for taking a different route than her mega-pop star sibling. She is a true artisan who has worked in musical installations in the art world. Her gift and visionary approach to sound and music has created buzz around the world, attaining acknowledgment as an interesting creator in her own right.

This new work follows her 2019 work “Bridge-s,” which was performed at Los Angeles’ Getty Center along with her 2019 album “When I Get Home” which was accompanied by a triumphant film. 

New York City is proud to support and celebrate the unique gifts of Solange who in no uncertain terms has given the high art world offerings that are undeniably unique, powerful and will stand the test of time. Solange, 36, has years of creative innovation ahead of her. Her current explorations are just the beginning of a long career and are foundational to the forward-movement of the Black Art Movement.

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