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You should know that Mayor Eric Adams has been very upset lately with the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. Gov. Abbott continues to bus illegal immigrants to New York City, and this is making Mayor Adams quite uncomfortable, and he does not like it one bit. 

Mayor Adams is so angry, he issued Gov. Abbott a threat. He has threatened to bus New Yorkers to Texas with the purpose of interfering with the Texas gubernatorial elections. According to Mayor Adams’ threat, he will bus these New Yorkers to Texas for the sole purpose of campaigning (knocking on doors) on behalf of Gov. Abbott’s opponent, Beto O’Rourke. This action is mean-spirited, purposeful, and intended to disrupt the Texan elections by outsiders. Gov. Abbott responded, “Bring it on, Make My Day.” 

The question we as New Yorkers must ask is, what is eating Eric Adams? Why is he so upset with the governor of Texas, instead of being angry at Joe Biden and the Biden administration? Afterall it was the Biden administration that has created the chaos at the border.

We must remind the mayor that it was Joe Biden who, during the presidential campaign, extended an open invitation saying all who wanted to come to America will be welcomed. Biden made and kept his promise when he flung open our borders and when he immediately stopped building border safeguards. Recently Biden suspended President Trump’s “Stay In Mexico Policy” which is geared to keep immigrants in Mexico until they have been processed for asylum. This will now increase illegal crossings. So why is Mayor Adams directing his ire at Gov. Abbott? 

Mayor Adams must also be reminded that the Biden administration has been flying and bussing migrants into Westchester County, New Yorkway before Gov. Abbott began bussing them into NYC. Mayor Adams’ and the Democrats’ silence on that has been deafening.  

You should also know that Gov. Abbott had reached out to the Biden administration numerous times during these past two years requesting help to deal with the increase of migrants. His requests have fallen on deaf ears. He requested that President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris visit the border to see for themselves the chaos and the enormity of the problem and huge numbers of migrants arriving daily. But the governor and the state of Texas have been ignored. 

Gov. Abbott has depleted his state’s resources, manpower, and has had to deal with the rise in crime while dealing with the thousands of illegal migrants.  As a result, Gov. Abbott has been left with no other recourse than to bus these migrants to “Sanctuary Cities” run by Democrats. The Democrats created “Sanctuary Cities” for this very purpose.  “Sanctuary Cities” now have the obligation to provide illegal migrants with the “sanctuary” they were promised.  So, what’s eating Mayor Eric Adams?  

My dear reader please know that Gov. Abbott invited our mayor to visit the Texan border to assess and see for himself the immensity of the problem firsthand. I imagine that Gov. Abbott extended this invitation hoping that both he and Mayor Adams would work collaboratively to pressure the Biden administration for help and bring about workable solutions to deal with this grave problem. But instead, Mayor Adams has pushed back with insults, mockery, and threats.

Eric Adams’ response to Gov. Abbott’s invitation is unfortunate, and very disappointing. Adams’ response to Gov. Abbott is that he has no need to go to the border for a “photo op.” Yet he didn’t mind photo ops at celebrity events and when getting pedicures. Instead, Adams launches threats at another state, and its governor.  It makes one wonder where the mayor’s priorities are. So, what’s eating Mayor Eric Adams?

I can only imagine that Mayor Adams, like President Joe Biden, fails to see that Gov. Abbott and the people of Texas are our fellow Americans. They fail to see that the problems at our country’s border, which has enabled human trafficking, sex trafficking, the sexual abuse of women and children, drug trafficking and overall chaos in our country, is not a Republican or Democratic issue. Securing America and its people requires bipartisan leadership with both Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Conservatives working together to keep us, we the people, SAFE! That would be a photo op that our dear Mayor Adams, could be proud of.  

I am Rev. Ruben Diaz and this is “What You Should Know.”

Rev. Ruben Diaz is a former NYC Councilman.

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