I’m a resident of New Jersey, by way of Texas, and also a military veteran. I am writing due to my most recent observance of the news, regarding the transportation of thousands of undocumented immigrants being bused and flown to various states throughout the country. I’m curious to know if the health status of these individuals is being considered. 

The nation as a whole, in fact the world has for two and a half years been subjected to public health scrutiny. You yourself Mr. Mayor have even made a point of firing public service workers such as municipal workers, essential workers such as hospital staff, teachers, police officers, and firefighters who would not take the coronavirus vaccine. You said it was for public safety, and most of the city complied. But, there has been no mention in the news informing the American public about that very important concern with the new population that is being brought in. Seeing how we have battled, for the last two years, the COVID crisis, now that mask restrictions are being relaxed, and schools are back in session, some level of normalcy has started to become a part of the larger majority’s everyday life. 

So, there could very well be a resurgence of a COVID-19 crisis, or even an increase in the monkeypox crisis. So why have we, as tax paying citizens, not been told the process of determining the medical conditions of people being transported throughout the country? I’m a homeowner, family man with children, approaching retirement, and I am in the age range that some might say I should be really cautious regarding health issues.

I am just curious to know.


Anthony Tapscott

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