The ethereal, soulful singer-songwriter Giveon, who drew positive attention after lending his voice to Drake’s nocturnal hip hop song, “Chicago Freestyle” in 2020, has teamed up with Drake again. This time they collaborated as songwriters along with Daniel Pemberton to create a hauntingly beautiful song entitled “Time.” The song is the principal theme of the new film “Amsterdam” starring Christian Bale, John David Washington with Margot Robbie. The film is a story of three unlikely friends who make a pact to take care of each other through life’s trials and triumphs. When they become suspects of a murder, they must band together to prove their innocence. The star-studded film’s cast is rounded out by Chris Rock, Robert DeNiro, Zoe Saldaña, Rami Malek and more. 

Newcomer John David Washington, who gives a standout performance as one of the film’s lead actors, described his experience working with Bale and Robbie to “The Hollywood Reporter,” “Their professionalism, their humility and their craving; their hankering for telling the truth and getting to the source of what all the actions are, what motivates the actions, as an actor, made it easy to just get in line, blend in and have the chemistry. Our bedrock of humility was that foundation, and I think that’s what made it seamless as far as chemistry was concerned.” 

Giveon, also a young Black rising star, shares a touching, elegant and subtle vocal arrangement that is accompanied by dreamy classical soundscapes composed with strings, harp, piano, and the light drum rolls of a post-modern drumbeat that gives the song a unique orchestral ballad. The simplistic introspective lyrics are moving and timeless:

“The time we had together 

A time when all things were better 

All of those moments may have gone too soon

They meant so much 

I never knew,  

For only now can I truly see 

How much that time with you 

That time shaped me.”

“Amsterdam” is released nationwide Oct. 7 by 20th Century Studios.

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