Jackson, Mississippi’s Black community is outraged that state lawmakers are moving closer to establishing a separate justice system in Jackson for whites and African Americans.

According to Mississippi Today, the proposed new law would let the state’s white chief justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, its white attorney general, and its white state public safety commissioner appoint new judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and police officers to run a new district in the city that includes all the city’s majority-white neighborhoods.

Such a move would create a separate justice system for whites in an area where whites are statistically the majority.

And it would happen without a single vote from any of Jackson’s 80 percent Black residents for any of these officials.

“It makes me think of apartheid,” Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said.
Three of the bill’s principal backers said on the floor of the Mississippi Legislature that “public safety” was the bill’s primary goal because of worries about the crime rate in Jackson.

But Newsweek reported that some legal experts said that what the Mississippi Legislature was trying to do was a way for white conservative politicians to try to hurt the Black vote in a way that hadn’t occurred since the Jim Crow era.

Many Republican lawmakers who voted for the bill live in districts being fought over by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union because they make it harder for Black people to vote.

Bill Quigley, a retired law professor at Loyola University-New Orleans and a former lawyer for the NAACP Legal Fund, told Newsweek, “I am shocked by this.”

“I know of no other such legislation in judicial elections or selections in decades. This is not a step backward. This is a complete Olympic-level broad jump backward to Jim Crow era politics.”

Quigley said that this kind of system was “the rule for decades” in the South until the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965 and formally prohibited arbitrary rules like poll taxes and literacy tests designed to prevent African Americans from voting.

Experts stated that the latest proposal from the Mississippi Legislature would likely be unconstitutional because it has a clear racial bias, which is against the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

In 2020, Lumumba said he wanted to make Jackson “the most radical city on the planet” by implementing policies like a universal basic income, a reformed police department, and other progressive policies.

Lumumba has been under constant scrutiny from Mississippi’s conservative establishment.

The Voting Rights Act would have helped Jackson in this case, but the U.S. Supreme Court removed many protections offered by that law.

State leaders had recently been very critical of Lumumba’s government and of the city’s liberal leanings, leading to claims that the latest move is politically motivated.

Experts said the only problem is that, unlike other states, Mississippi does not have a clause in its constitution that says laws can’t target one group, which would make this more difficult for the city to challenge the law in court.

“In the absence of any evidence that this was done with a racial purpose—people don’t tend to do things for racial reasons as much as they used to—and so the courts kind of often will conclude that their hands are tied,” Fred Smith Jr., a scholar of the federal judiciary at Emory University, told Newsweek.

“It’s concerning to see from a perspective of democracy. While in some ways, it’s not as bad as declaring secession, it also is in the sense people’s taxes are being invested in a system they cannot democratically control.”

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  1. I don’t know what’s worst: A racist or a self loathing racist. I hate “niggaz” like you. How would your mother feel about this little comment or your very black son? As if people from all backgrounds don’t do just as much violence. You are a poor excuse of a human being. Instead of trying to help you spread hate. Do better.

  2. Don’t we have enough racial biases and racial profiling and the judicial system already as it is and to solely single out one group of people on the color of their skin is ludicrous we are in the 23rd century times have changed people have changed people don’t feel that way about people of different diversities are color let America be America if you want to change the judicial system change the one that’s in play now change the one that has African Americans doing more time than Caucasians with the same charge let’s start there

    1. Twenty-third century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      No wonder people are so racist, when people wonder if you are stupid don’t open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. This comment is incredible. An incredible display of what is in your heart. Please read what you wrote, you sound like a person without kindness. ‘No wonder people are so racist, when people wonder if you are stupid… ‘ this is all it takes for a person to be racist? Not only does your comment make no sense it speaks to the hopelessness of future generations who are like minded. You are cruel and have no empathy. Instead of laughing at this person or giving them the benefit of the doubt (bc it could have easily been a typo) you could have kindly corrected them. There is racism because people are like you, ignorant, without understand and empathy, cruel, and without a care for their fellow human.

  3. I swear I have NO IDEA why any black person would want to live in Mississippi or Alabama. I don’t give a damn if they were born there or not, only a person who is extremly challenged in the brain area would remain there if they are black. That state has not really changed much at all. Every single black person who is successful, every single talented athlete, entrapreneur all of tem should leav that racist state and allow all the racists to live in hell.

    1. I agree with you 100%. What hurts more than anything is that these Beautiful Black People came here in chains & built this country and they still act like they are SUPREME & when you look and find out THE GENE of their own identity comes from a BLACK WOMAN. Seriously how dare anyone think they’re better than someone when you got to use the bathroom just the same as me. I am appalled and disgusted at Mississippi it’s time for the United Nation to start paying reparation because America will never see us as free. Nina Simone once song Mississippi God DAMN I feel the same way as she did then I think the heavens that my family is a true rainbow of all nationality but most important we are color and color should always represent LOVE.

      1. Black people enslaved their own people and sold them. Europe enslaved the Irish white people for a 1000 years before any black people ever came to America. The Irish were below black people. Native Americans also owned black slaves. Do we go after them to? The world enslaved their own people because it was to expensive to get them from other countries. The Irish were cheaper to buy then black people. India enslaved black people. If you want reparations for black people then every race needs it too. Slavery still exists!! It is appalling that it does. If black people want reparations then they should look at their own who gathered them up and sold them.
        I have never had a slave nor any of my ancestors. So why do I need to pay for something I had nothing to do with. No one will ever get reparations. Get educated on the history of slavery. Not just what people want you to believe.
        Who’s going to pay all the Chinese people that were slaves and still are living in camps. The Chinese that came to America and helped build the railroads were treated far more poorly then the black people.
        Black people did not build this country. Did they help yes, but what about the the inventors, engineers, educators and everyone else who helped? Black people were such a very very small percentage of our population. It is so arrogant and naive to think black people built this country and extremely insulting to all those who had huge parts in it. Without our forefathers we wouldn’t even have a country.
        Be educated on matters and make informed comments. Disney is not the truth.
        Truth is light 💡
        We should learn the truth and stop pointing fingers at each other. Why can’t people just be kind to each other and stop being victims. Being a victim is being bound by the chains of hell.

        1. Well for starters- if you were actually educated then you would know that the irish were NEVER slaves. This is some myth that keeps getting repeated. They were indentured servants that came to America willingly and were seen as humans vs. slaves that were seen as property. The country was built on the backs of black slaves and the chinese were not brought to this country till 1880’s and they came on the own accord for the gold rush. (Black slaves had been brought to this country as early as 1500’s) It wasn’t until they were in American they were enslaved by whites to build the railroad. So yes, they were treated poorly but no where near the savage cruetly that black slaves endured. Now you did have it right, the africans were enslaved by many different countries but that doesn’t mean you get to dismiss what was done in THIS COUNTRY! And bringing back jim crow laws is a disgrace to all the gains we have made in this country but what is truly appalling is the way in which white legislators go about obtaining control and the need for absolute control while still having the audacity to call themselves democratic. So get your facts straight before continuing to spew your hate.

        2. Oh how ignorant you are. So many of the inventions that European slave owners took credit for were invented by Africans. The cotton gin, peanut butter, the sewing machine, stop lights, refrigerated trucks, air plane propellers, torpedo launchers………. The list goes on forever. So once again check your ignorant ranting at the door. Africans literally built this country by hand lady, before Asians came VOLUNTARILY in the 1800s to work on the trail road, Africans had been in chains for over 300 years. Wtf are you talking about? Read a book please. The “white washing” of history that is being fed to people today is not the truth. To say that Africans “helped” build this country is insulting. Who do you think built the White House, both times. You do know that it burnt down and had to be rebuilt right? The roads, irrigation systems, levies, docks, the actual infrastructures of this country. Who do you think did all that…… The Native Americans?…..Europeans? I’m just gonna stop right here, you should get the point by now. Smgdh.

  4. I think if they gonna separate them, then they should have their own judges. Not there judges. They just setting those people up, all that foolishness gonna come to an end tho, sooner or later.

  5. I believe in separate, but EQUAL!! Divide that hell hole in half. Let white folk have control of white folk only, and Black folk take control of themselves. No, no, no, no. White folk don’t want EQUAL. Nor do they want control only of themselves. They want to be in control of black folk. They’ve listed to the stoies of the good old days, and wish for them again. Since they lost the Civil War, as Archie Bunker said “those WERE the days”. So Black people of MS. Don’t be a jigga boo, because if you do, the words “dumb nigga” will be applying to YOU! So FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE!

    1. But what happens when a black personality passes into white territory? A traveler or someone new to the area? What justice system will they end up in? Will they be sentenced to life for having a tail light out?

  6. The problem with blacks in community like those in Mississippi. They are scared to fight back I live in Helena\ west Helena Arkansas where black unite for situations like this if they start it we finish it 🫡🤫

  7. Whites in Mississippi are weak and cowards at first they hide behind sheets now they ducking behind politics this move would cause a lot tention in that community

  8. This is just wow, I don’t live in Mississippi and I’m scared for those black folks, all I know is I’m never leaving my Caribbean country

  9. I’m a white man living in 2023 , I have a lot of black friends. I have 5 son 3 of are with black women, I have 6 beautiful mixed grandkids that are my world.l think it’s wrong to treat people different based on the color of one’s skin, because the way I see it we are one race and that’s the human race .

    1. I would not be bragging about that ,telling the world you betray your own race, race traitor. Read your Bible race mixing is wrong and you will burn in hell. The Bible says do not let your sons marry their daughters. Do not let your daughters marry their sons. Do not make a coven with them. Do not let your cattle breed with a different kind. It also says in the Bible quoted by Ted Cruz on TV that homosexuals are to be put to death. This is what the police ,army and government needs to enforce. The UN section 2 International law forbids racial genocide because your killing your race .

        1. You are a nasty liberal leftist and your ant-America communist. The common sense solution sends all blacks back to Africa Liberia where they belong. plain and simple

          1. Hateful dirty Southern peckerwood trash…. I wouldn’t want to mix with a piece of s*** like you… You are some dirty demonic creatures; you need to burn in hell..

            I wish the Native Americans would take back where you’re living and burn your ass the stake.,

            Mother f****** nasty piece of

          2. Have you lost your fucking mind? You go back to Europe where you belong and choke on a dick fucking racist piece of shit

      1. Revolution is inevitable if they county down that path!!!They killed us for century but yet without us there would be no civilization!!!We need to stand together Power to the people!!!

      2. What are you talking about sounds like it’s saying don’t commit incest not the color of skin can you comprehend what you read?

      3. U sound dumb as hell. One thing different that the blacks got that they didn’t have back then is retaliation. They will retaliate like never before. Nobody scared no more. They got guns to, but that Bible misquote u just quoted make u sound incompetent as hell.

      4. It don’t say they will burn in hell. The most high don’t want you linking with them, because they will get you to not follow him, and you are correct, sleeping with the same sex is an abomination, and they shall surely be put to death.

      5. Ma’am god bless your hurt soul, I know it took you 45 minutes to type this out because you have to be around 45-120 years old. I hope you understand that the new generation thriving for equity will bless people like you with peace and love from EVERYONE.

      6. Look stupid there is only 1 race, the human race. The concept of separate races was created by the ignorant Europeans that set up the prejudiced, bias, unequal laws and systems that keep this country at war with itself. Will somebody please read a damn book. Ignorant views and opinions like this is the reason this country is failing.

    2. People should be judged by their actions and words not their color and hair type . I live in Mississippi and I have good white friends and good black friends. Why separate people with good ties to eachother?

    3. Brian Musselwhite you are so right . I love you because Almighty God Jehovah made us all equal . The raft of God is coming . Keep on the watch Jim Crow your end is nearer than you think it to be . Thank you Eata , I agree with you also . It amazes me how people misinterpret what they read . The Bible is so self explanatory . How do you read ? Luke 10: 25 , 26 , 27 , 28. .❤️🙏🏿

  10. This is stupid Mississippi should do better. Everyone who has a heart and a pluse is HUMAN!!! no matter the color of the ones skin. We breathe the same air whoever disagrees with this comment needs to grow some balls this ain’t right.

    1. Deaf angels has to come, the Antichrist has to return for the big coming of Satan, they will do the devils will, Jesus must return as well, this will all be taken care of very soon, they’ll be deaf, like no one has ever seen! The new Jerusalem.

  11. This has to be the sickest, sad idea I have ever heard! What’s the matter with you Mississippi!! We are all human, well maybe not the man who thought of suggesting this. It’s clear to me the only one that should be striped of anything is the people that came up with this stupid heartless
    idea! Shame on all that would even consider speaking of doing such a thing. I’m ashamed to say I’m probably the same race as the idiots that would propose doing such a thing! Shame on anyone in favor. One thing I’m pretty sure of if you should happen to pull this off , I will have no doubt you’ll get what’s coming to you, sooner or later. Just saying.

  12. Another thing! I can’t help thinking you come up with these insane ideas just to cause drama and world problems! You have to know just talking about this nightmare is going to hurt feelings and fire people up, with good reason! I believe your happiest when your playing us against one another, Lord knows you wouldn’t want us to team up together and become organised. works out best for your future plans if we are enemy’s.I hope to God it back fires on you and brings us closer than we have ever been.Together we will figure out a way to show you idiots what it feels like to have someone, come up with a plan that will determine your fate. Knowing it’s only to benefit their own future. We are all the same, bleed red, eat, sleep, work and, love, some more than others! Stop making this world so ugly!!! Your all either very brave or just plain stupid. Don’t do this to the world. Just saying!

    1. All of you leftist liberals are communist and Anti-America not to mention uneducated. We are not all the same, yes we all have red blood but a different type s of blood type o and etc. Our genetics and DNA are not the same ,so therefore you evil people, we are not the same. WE are humans ,but not the same. the animals are the same way may be animals ,but not the same. You can not mate a deer and moose together its the law of nature and natural order of things like people. Its call natural instinct to be with your own people as in nature with animals. Scientists can tell you the same thing. genetics blend smoothly when you stay with your own kind preserving your history heritage and blood line. You do stupid crap like mixing its against International law section 2 , God’s law and the law of nature. Its also against Sodom and Gommorah evils which God himself destroyed. In nature animals stay with their own kind naturally. All leftist liberal dumbacrats will burn in hell. known as the lake of fire. All blacks need to go back to Africa Liberia.

  13. I am a high school student at a small town in Mississippi…. We were discussing this in class today, and I honestly do not like this law at all because Its crazy after all these years they are still discriminating. This law should have never been passed by anybody especially in 2023.

    1. Read your history America colonized Liberia Africa for all blacks to return back to Africa where they came from. Why do you think we have all this conflict in America blacks and their crime and causing trouble. Blacks use white people as a scape goat blaming everyone for their own problems they create. Abraham Lincoln wanted blacks out of America also. A 1959 Judge said that God almighty separated the races white, red black etc,in different countries for a reason because God did not intend to mix. It is also in the Bible ,but the problem nowadays is that people don’t read the Bible like they should. Government forcing integration is also bad because we have conflict. Segregation is the answer to the problem.

      1. I’m so tired of you commenting on every post about blacks.. Do you honestly think your kind was the first here? Do your research!!! You the main reason it’s so much conflict going on in the world. No one had a personal attack on you. So honestly what is your problem with blacks? We are smart, educated, good looking, and making great progress in this world but have to deal with hate from people we don’t even know!!! But yet you want to talk about God.. You think God is approving your message. He said love all not just a certain color or he wouldn’t have created us..

        1. Black people are the problem in America crime ,drugs and gangs. This is why America is bad. Send all blacks back to Africa.

          1. Like all the native Americans should come and send your ass back to wherever you came from…. Good garlic arrogance of a dirty ass low life demonic white peckerwood b****

          2. You are the problem with America Christina. People like you are the problem in America Christina. Your thought process and way of thinking is severely stunted. If America is so bad then leave. No one is asking for you to stay, no one needs you here. Maybe we should send you to Africa.

      2. Be Quiet🤫and read your history💯 all black ppl didn’t come from Africa we came from America where did your family come from let me guess here🤣yeah right nope they came from caves🤣go back to the caves in which you come from cavewoman🤷🏽‍♀️

      3. If we are to go back then u should go back to Europe. The Indians are the only true Americans. Read your history dumb ass.

      4. You had the nerve to say blacks and their crime! You don’t see blacks shooting up all the kids in the schools, not to mention the churches too! I guess blacks had something to do with killing all those kids too! You guys are sick, and racist! Whether you know it or not, Heaven is not segregated! If a lot of you don’t get it together, repent, and develop a relationship with the Lord, you’re going to be in hell for eternity!

      5. How about you leave? Parasitic ass whites coming on someone else land and taking what is not yours. Go back to Europe and fuck up your own land and leave other people alone! Today’s society will not take your shit anymore! Fuck around and find out.

  14. Hearing this is just sickening! I’m from Gulfport, Mississippi and this makes me so embarrassed to say!! I now live in a different state and am hearing this non sense my whole family is mixed, wtf is wrong with you we are all equal we all bleed the same we’re all human why in hell would anyone even think about doing this shit! Whomever is doing this is pure evil and shouldn’t be here on earth! Loss for words this is just gut wretching!!

  15. I recall Jim Crow laws when I was a 7year old girl who had been moved from Chicago Illinois to Shaw Mississippi!
    When another 7 year old (White Boy) said to me : ‘You’re gonna have to call me Mr. Billie— My Dad said so’!
    Imagine that! I had enough courage to Walk away from him saying We are both 7 years old -when did you become a grown up?
    Billie did not return to visit – I never saw him again!

  16. Although some improvements, acknowledgements, victories , successes with the Great black history lullaby ” We shall overcome”; questions quenching, quivering What have we overcame?? existing back doors slammed in our faces, our children rejected, neglected, unprotected, constantly corrected, Never selected, then dejected from society! Racism hiding and abiding underneath it’s serpent surface sharpening it’s sting of Venom and luscious lips of poison to destroy! Never ceasing opportunity to eliminate , discriminate, detest, and or suppress! Racist flinch gripping, waving it’s banner of freedom to kill! Covered, unrevealed white sheets of death, while Slavery slithers around on the ground screaming for it’s beautiful crown of dominance to reign forever! Longing, begging, practicing for its position to rise in society once more! Marching Slave Masters stomping, protesting lurking their prey, back porches, back offices, front desks around corners, backwood lynching with no suspects, evidence or verdict with bogus interviews, while happy hands caressing making love to the the end of gun barrels of many trigger- happiest to takes down another unequal soul of color carrying away a climax of great release, beaming forward to a Marathon Walk fulfilling destiny, as another One bites the dust! Overcome! No just begun! Wine, dine, dance with Justice, the never ending fortnite battle, Innocent killed, desolate land unfulfilled, our Earth cries tears of Peace, crops yields Justice must prevail!

  17. Sorry but as a white conservative I do not know of or have I heard of any conservative wanting segregation in fact segregation is offensive to conservatives. Every white conservative I know welcomes all people. We actually would love to see more blacks and people of color get involved with us to make this world better. The real problem is there is small segment within the democrat party spreading these kind of lies. Lies like this keep us from talking freely with each other which is a sad state of affairs. Politicians need these kind of lies to keep their power, because if we become friends it’s harder to divide and conquer us as a people. Most of the news in America today is fear based and divisive to keep Americans of all colors from seeing the real evil which is the bad politicians making millions off of us with fear, lies and hate.

  18. I was born and raised in Mississippi.i I am not ashamed of Miss. I’m ashamed of America for allowing these types of laws to be put forth. This country is predicated on this white supremacy.shame on mankind for syning off on it.mind you, I am only talking about the ones who’s guilty.and you know who you are.

  19. Some of the dumbest things I’ve heard all day. Some of these comments lack compassion, and plain common sense.
    Regardless of how and why Blacks are here, the facts are we are here. It gives no one the right and audacity to treat people any different from the way they want to be treated, period! Yes, Black has been and still are being treated unfair by most other ethnic groups bottom line and known fact.

  20. Some of the dumbest things I’ve heard all day. Some of these comments lack compassion, and plain common sense.
    Regardless of how and why Blacks are here, the facts are we are here. It gives no one the right and audacity to treat people any different from the way they want to be treated, period! Yes, Black has been and still are being treated unfair by most other ethnic groups bottom line and known fact.

  21. To all black people of Mississippi you have a choice you can either fight this law and take to the streets or go somewhere else and start over. Who would want to go back to that way of living in fear or being targeted and killed? Don’t just sit there and think all will be well do something

    1. We can either fight these laws and burn down Mississippi or leave. But do not stay there thinking they won’t come for you because believe me when I say the lynchings and killings will resume once this law is passed. Good Luck my brothers and sisters and pray.

  22. 3/5 Persons must realize that slavery is over. If they did they would not be worried about a Jim Crow Bill.🤷🏾‍♂️🇺🇸🇲🇦

  23. The Republic does not support Slavery so the American so-called Negro must return to their forefathers Ancient and Divine principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice 🇺🇸🇲🇦🤷🏾‍♂️

    Or suffer the consequences 😔

  24. Who is courageous enough to tell the American so-called Negro the Truth?
    Yes, slavery occurred but it is over now.

    Time has sent men and women of their own race to tell the Truth that could save them and the Republic.

    They must give up their European slave surnames first and foremost! Then they Must return to their forefathers ancient and divine creed.

    Lastly, they must proclaim their Nationality as required by the Free National Republic of the United States of America 🇺🇸🇲🇦

    It is a sin to violate the constitution of a free national government, clinging to the NAMES and PRINCIPLES that delude to slavery.😔


  26. Christina what Bible are you reading? Go back and read it again. How can you love the creator and hate his creation? This issue will hurt all of us as Americans. We’ve have cars running on electricity and we still can’t get pass this. This breaks my heart deeply to know this is even a discussion in our time today. Father in heaven, forgive us, for we don’t know what we do.

    1. No you need to read the Bible you uneducated leftist liberal. You are also Anti-American. You people need to understand, you want to stop hate and the race problem? Segregation is the answer. Disgusting homosexuality and race mixing is Sodom and Gommarah evils and also spreading hate. Race mixing is hating your own race and also racial genocide against the law of nature , against God’s law and the UN section 2 International law. Its also against the Bible.

      1. You are blinded by misinformation and hatred. It fuels and propels you and in your animosity you believe your own lies. You are delusional. Please go back and read and reflect, also you misunderstood deuteronomy 7:3-4. God wants unions to be equally yoked, He desires people to stay united in Him and not be lured away to worship false gods. That is what God expressly did not want, was people being turned from Him. That is what that verse is referring to. I need you to seek God one on one and ask Him to give you true understanding, and to open your heart to that understanding and let it not be hardened. Don’t wield His verses in hatred, that is not what God wants. He is love.

  27. My dearly beloved hast thou not read love thy neighbour which means love everyone for if one lives by the sword in any evil manner he will die by the sword,

  28. Im gonna say this one more time for those with the ignorant hearing aids. There is only one race….. The HUMAN RACE! The concept of separate races was created to establish the difference between slave owner and the enslaved here in the United States. Haha that’s a joke right there “United States”. White, Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, those are colors people. I am not a “Black” man. I am an American of African decent. People like this Christina are Americans of European decent. As a soldier proudly serving my country i was considered an American when i was over seas, not African American. Only in the United States are people separated and classified by their ethnicity. The actor Edris Elba is British, not African British. So i say once again. If anybody is really interested in ending prejudice and bias based on ethnicity, let start by getting rid of the very systems and laws that create that separate unconscious way of classifying by the false concept of “race”. But I’m just a guy sitting in prison for life for protecting my unborn child, what do i know?

  29. It is true that slavery happened with other cultures before the African Americans, but I don’t think any other enslaved/oppressed culture or race have underwent a “systematic” religious erasure, rewriting of their history, identity, contributions, lineage, tradition and culture like the African Americans have, to the point where they are ostracized by their original tribes in Africa. We were once just “Africans” and didn’t know or care that we were black until the “colonizers” came and “forcefully” told us we were, and now we fight over who is the blackest. We are divided and conquered. And no, please don’t take the Morgan Freeman route and say “just don’t talk or think about it then it will not exist”. The colonizers have the power in this country/world and still, directly or indirectly exercise racial profiling. They were raised this way, case and point like the lawmakers in Mississippi. Our only two choices are to address the issue and most likely be gaslighted or “worse”, or to complacently ignore the elephant in the room.

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