Time flies, but books are forever. There are a number of books that were published before the 2020s that offer just as much powerful imagery and storytelling as the books of today. They have the ability to take you on a nostalgic journey through the most influential artists and moments of that era. Step back in time and experience the magic that made the 2010s a fruitful and significant period in hip hop history. Whether you’re a die-hard hip hop enthusiast or simply looking to explore a new genre, our collection offers something for everyone. The photography collection, “Hip Hop at the End of the World” and the hip hop feminist theory book “Hip Hop’s Li’l Sistas Speak” are just as relevant as they were when they were published. 

Getting lost in the present and future without being mindful of sources of knowledge of the recent past create stagnance within our personal and educational pursuits. Looking back just a few years has its gifts as readers will have a well-rounded understanding of history devoid of large gaps. These books will help to keep you informed and will revive your sense of wonder for literature published in the 2010s.

Hip Hop at the End of the World: The Photography of Brother Ernie by Ernest Paniccioli – 2018

Hip hop is not just a sound. It’s an ever-evolving aesthetic. Hip Hop at the End of the World: The Photography of Brother Ernie is ‘filled with more than 250 images of artists including Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Naughty by Nature, Public Enemy, 50 Cent, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Kim, Flavor Flav, Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, TLC, many that have never before been published, this book is set to become the new hip hop photography bible,” writes the book’s publisher. If you are an avid collector and archivist, this book will pique your interest as well as anyone who loves visual art just as much as music.

Hip Hop’s Li’l Sistas Speak: Negotiating Hip Hop Identities and Politics in the New South by Bettina L. Love – 2012

Winner of the 2013 American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award, this powerful feminist theory of hip hop books will bring inspiration and knowledge to readers who seek to know more about women’s experiences in hip hop culture. “Through ethnographically informed interviews and observations conducted with six Black middle and high school girls, Hip Hop’s Li’l Sistas Speak explores how young women navigate the space of hip hop music and culture to form ideas concerning race, body, class, inequality, and privilege. The thriving atmosphere of Atlanta, Georgia, serves as the background against which these youth consume hip hop, and the book examines how the city’s socially conservative politics, urban gentrification, race relations, Southern-flavored hip hop music and culture, and booming adult entertainment industry rest in their periphery.” writes the book publishers. This eye-opening book is a must-have for your hip hop library.

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