It is our duty as a Black community to never forget the constant generational work we must continue to vehemently engage with to create a safer society and stronger bond among our families, colleagues, friends, and inner selves. These new books will enlighten and inspire in the world of social justice, racial equity, and the healing of the Black mind, body, and psyche. “Until Our Lungs Give Out” and “Trauma and Race” are toolkits for readers who make self-education a top priority, along with professors, lecturers, psychologists, and philosophers who hope to hone their skills and widen their world views.

“Until Our Lungs Give Out: Conversations on Race, Justice, and the Future” by George Yancy (Rowman & Littlefield)

The profound Black philosopher and professor George Yancy’s new book “Until Our Lungs Give Out” is a collection of dialogues with world-renowned thought leaders about race, justice, and the future, as the subtitle of the book conveys. “Each conversation bears witness to the weighty moment in which it was first conducted and presented by Truthout and Tikkun magazines while pointing to ramifications, future hurdles, and practical optimism for moving forward.” For anyone who works consciously to do their part in understanding the intricacies and complexities of global inequality, this book offers invaluable insights into the minds of contemporary leaders to support in serving others from a standpoint of intellectual prowess and integral information.

“Trauma and Race: A Path to Wellbeing” by Micah L. McCreary (Fortress Press)

The knowledgeable and credentialed theology professor, engineer, and doctor of psychology writes a powerful book that states its contents clearly and succinctly: “This book is about trauma-informed counseling with racially traumatized African (Black), Latino/a/x, Asian, and Native (Indigenous) Americans (ALANAs),” according to publisher.  The book argues that psychologists and counselors must integrate the intersection of systemic racism with the context of healing practices for marginalized beings. This book is timely and an important resource for anyone interested in helping Black and POC patients more forward after living a season of their lives entrenched in the throes of trauma.

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  2. Are Black authors and filmmakers allowed to create works that don’t revolve around race and racism? (I realize this comment will probably be deleted by the thought police because it expresses forbidden ideas. Oh well.)

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