There is never a moment in history where celebrating and exploring the boundless realms of life, experience, and unique perspectives of Black women isn’t relevant. “Black Women Taught Us” and “The New Black Woman” are books that reveal the intelligence, grace, and unbridled potential for healing in Black women. As a portion of American culture and the globe that is overlooked and underserved, Black women continue to emerge and ascend any social, cultural, and spiritual hurdles we may face.

“Black Women Taught Us” by Jenn M. Jackson (Penguin Random House)

The 11 original essays in “Black Women Taught Us” showcase an unparalleled historical acuity, shedding light on the intellectual and political work of Black women from various time periods and backgrounds. From the indomitable spirit of Harriet Jacobs and the fearless activism of Ida B. Wells to the groundbreaking work of the Combahee River Collective and the eloquent writings of Audre Lorde, this book paints a vivid portrait of Black women who have been at the forefront of liberation movements for generations. 

One of the book’s central questions is why the contributions of Black women have been systematically marginalized and their stories relegated to the shadows of history. Jackson does not shy away from critiquing society’s collective failure to recognize and celebrate the pivotal role of Black women in shaping our understanding of justice and equity. Jackson skillfully navigates the complexities of this issue, making a compelling case for the urgent need to rectify this historical erasure.

The New Black Woman: Loves Herself, Has Boundaries, and Heals Every Day” by Marita Golden (Mango Publishing)

“The New Black Woman…” encourages women to embark on a journey of self-awareness and self-love. Golden delves deep into the importance of understanding oneself and offers a range of tools and practices, including meditation, silence, prayer, affirmations, and reflections, to help readers foster internal trust and confidence. In a world that often prioritizes external validation, Golden’s emphasis on self-acceptance is a refreshing and much-needed perspective. 

Through Golden’s guidance, readers will learn how to establish emotional, physical, and other boundaries, freeing themselves from the burden of trying to fix everyone they encounter. This valuable lesson in self-preservation can have a transformative impact on a woman’s life, allowing her to prioritize her own well-being without guilt.

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