Shaquana Folks was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York on September 20, 1987. After graduating from John Dewey High School, she attended Kingsborough Community College in 2005 with her concentration in Business Administration, and then graduated in 2011 from the New York City College of Technology (with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design).

As a new graduate doing freelance projects and working multiple jobs, she’s taken on many clients (from promoters and several artists in the music & entertainment industry, to people from not-for-profit companies) in completing creative and promotional advertising campaigns for their businesses. She has done work for various organizations, including the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, the New York Council of Urban Professionals, and the Finch College Alumni Association Foundation; she even did an internship for about a year with the Law Offices of Figeroux and Associates, which also expanded her horizon of various projects and opportunities that she was involved in through their affiliates (including the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), the Concerned Americans for Racial Equality (CARE), the Caribbean American Weekly, The Immigrant’s Journal, The Consumer Advocate and the Graphic Business Solutions). After working in retail for over 8 years, a dear friend of hers helped her with getting a job here at the New York Amsterdam News, and the rest was history from there.

Today, Shaquana continues to strive in making her mark within her community and within the AmNews company, including juggling several high-in-demand occupational positions within a 4-year period. Currently as the Classified Sales Representative, she embraces her leadership role and has been executing whatever was necessary to get the job done while building relationships with her clients along the way. So if you think she’s finished here, think again! Because with more than 5-10+ years experience (overall) as an artist, a graphic designer, a manager, a youth developmental coordinator and a sales/customer service representative, she’s an all-in-one force to not be reckoned with in any field she’s doing! She’s determined to expanding her name and is still growing!