We must win: New York Congressional Endorsements

EDITORIAL | 10/27/2016, midnight
This year’s presidential election is pivotal for the future of America. We have endorsed Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly in these pages ...
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This year’s presidential election is pivotal for the future of America. We have endorsed Hillary Clinton wholeheartedly in these pages previously and we do it once again today. But right now there is much more at stake than just the presidency. Right now the future of the free world rests in the balance, and I am not trying to be alarmist, I am trying to be accurate.

We have a candidate who is using scare tactics, hate, racism, misogyny, threats, lies and worse to try to hijack the democratic system. Along with him are dozens of candidates across the country who are not disavowing him, who are following his lead lockstep and adding to the hate that is already being spewed. With all of these evil men and women running for office, there must be a counter. And for the most part that counter is the Democratic Party.

The Democrats have a chance to take back the House and the Senate. That would mean if the Democrat candidate wins the presidency, then so much work could be accomplished. Supreme Court justices could be confirmed. Legislation could be passed. We could move the dial on so many things that the Republicans have stonewalled throughout the Obama presidency. We urge all voters to go to the polls and vote straight down the Democratic line. Vote for those who will really have our best interests at heart. Below are our endorsements and recommendations.

See you at the polls Nov. 8.

NY Congressional Endorsements

Our policy at the Amsterdam News is only to offer endorsements for candidates we’ve interviewed. But we are familiar with several of the candidates in this year’s election and we can provide some guidance and recommendations.

Tom Suozzi is one candidate we’ve had a chance to meet and evaluate. He is a Democrat running for congress in New York’s 3rd Congressional District (Nassau, Queens and Suffolk counties). What is most impressive about Suozzi is his familiarity with the issues and the ease with which he proposes his solutions, particularly on jobs, the economy and the infrastructure. All of these concerns were addressed with great success during his tenure as county executive of Nassau County. Therefore, we follow President Obama’s lead here and strongly endorse Tom Suozzi as the representative in the 3rd Congressional District.

We didn’t get a chance to interview Zephyr Teachout, but her reputation precedes her as a thoroughly informed activist with a passionate interest in social and political equality. Her close association with Bertha Lewis and her work with Lewis on a number of critical issues facing our community are undeniable commendations. In her bid to be the representative in the 19th Congressional District (Hudson Valley and the Catskills region) she was a convincing winner in the primaries and she has raised more than $1.5 million. She is a thoughtful and caring public servant, and again we follow President Obama’s recommendation in our endorsement of Zephyr Teachout to be the next representative in the 19th Congressional District.