Unions Building Black and Brown Family Prosperity

Proudly unionized since 1936 we recognize Unions’ critical role in advancing racial equity and building Black and brown family prosperity. As the Center for Economic Policy and Research CEPR stresses “Unions significantly boost the wages and access to health and retirement benefits of Black workers” delivering earnings about 36 percent more than non-unionized Black workers.

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NY Amsterdam News Key in US Labor History

“The eleven-week (1935) dispute at the Amsterdam News in Harlem was the first time in US history that black workers were successful in a labor dispute with black management”…representing “a triumph for both … the civil rights movement” and the US labor movement notes Cambridge University Press.

Labor Awards Breakfast Celebrating Union Leaders

Celebrating the often under heralded role of the union movement in the advancement of racial equity – NY Amsterdam News holds its Labor Awards Breakfast annually in September.

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1199SEIU members marching on MLK Day (Cyril Josh Barker photo) (183516)
Credit: Cyril Josh Barker photo

Union Program Partners Educating NYC Youth

NY Amsterdam News Union Partner Program distributes our print legacy edition to the students of the NYC school district, America’s largest with the highest Black and brown minority enrollment in the nation. This program also features regular OpEds from its partners’ union leadership and provides preferred rates to its partners in our legacy print and digital replica editions in addition to AmsterdamNews.com. 

Our Union Partners

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“Union Matters”

Each week in both our print legacy and digital replica edition plus AmsterdamNews.com – we feature our “Union Matters” section with Op-Eds from the leadership of our Union Program Partners plus reporting on issues of importance to union membership and the labor movement.





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