The Color of COVID-19

This spring, the entire world watched as New York City was the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Biden won: What comes next?

Although the votes have yet to be certified (that will happen on Dec. 14), it is safe to say former Vice President Joe Biden has won a decisive victory over the sitting president.

61 days to go

By the time you read this Trump will have 61 days left in office, whether he concedes or not. And to Trump’s warped worldview, apparently neither concession nor confession is good for the soul.

Ahh––the aftermath of our Nov. 3, 20/20 elections and coming changes

Times are hard on broadcasters. Mounting competition from the tech giants, non-stop political turmoil, civil unrest, elections, market uncertainty, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic have all swallowed 2020 whole.

Washington D.C., the murder capital

The 1990s. Unlawful drugs and illegal guns were everywhere. The homicide rate skyrocketed.

A new day in politics: We can now dress the wounds of our nation

These days the Biblical scriptures of Chapter 8 in the Book of Jeremiah are likely resonating soundly for many of us.

The key to Black liberation ain’t Joe Biden

Our liberation will not come by way of the ballot.

Biden and the Democrats owe Black people big time!

Biden and the Democrats beat Trump and the Republicans because Black people came out in record numbers to vote!

No more MAGA! Seventy Days and Counting

Alas, we got what we asked for: Trump has been defeated but he remains in office, at least for 70 or so days.

Progress over living in the past

Despite who wins the 2020 presidential nomination, many Black communities will remain the same and that’s a problem.

URBAN AGENDA - Trump Nightmare is Over: Now Congress Must Pass COVID Stimulus Bill

The nightmare is over. Donald Trump lost the presidency and Joe Biden is poised to reoccupy the White House, focused on the urgent need to right this country’s course.

NATION DIVIDED — Where do African Americans go from here?

With the popular vote split nearly right down the middle, the 2020 Presidential Election revealed to some and reminded others that America is truly a nation divided.

Celebrate & Organize

Four years ago, a sense of shock, anxiety, and dismay turned into an urgent need to organize, to connect, and to engage in the wake of an impending Trump presidency.

One terrible truth, lessons from COVID

One terrible truth that we have learned from the pandemic is that communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

It’s time to elect civility

Looking out the windows today, the skies are blue, but it’s eerily quiet.