Housing works: let them vote!

Housing Works––which provides housing, healthcare, job training, legal assistance, and other supportive services for people living with HIV/AIDS––has spent the year disrespecting its workers and doing everything it can to deny their right to unionize

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #184

Nothing stops our Prevaricator-in-Thief from dispensing a barrage of lies, not even an interruption from the Secret Service about a shooting near the White House.

Please don’t forget to fill out your Census

If people do not fill out the Census and are not counted, then they and their communities are not recorded and the allocation of resources are not distributed to them.

The secret pandemic among U.S.-held political prisoners and POWs

The lifetime risk of bone marrow cancer in the U.S. is less than one in a hundred, .8%.

Gov. Cuomo’s school reopening decree unsound

Next month, a new school year will begin. In previous years, it was a time of uncertainty as parents had to acclimate their child to a new school––or to the school experience in general.

Our battle to protect democracy’s greatest Tool: It’s on us to honor the legacy of Rep. John Lewis

When a young John Lewis led hundreds of foot soldiers in a march over Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965, he and hundreds of non-violent protesters would be attacked with billy clubs and tear gas by Alabama state troopers and ...

COMMENTARY: Trump’s housing announcement seen as so racist, “It’s ‘Not Even A Dog Whistle Anymore’

President Donald Trump has rolled back a Barack Obama-era housing rule intended to halt racial segregation and eliminate racial disparities in American suburbs.

Do you want to honor Congressman John R. Lewis? Vote.

Congressman John Lewis marched, was almost killed and jailed for wanting a better America. He wanted an America where all of us would be treated fairly.

Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #183

As a weatherman, epidemiologist, school master, foreign policy expert, environmentalist, economist and almost any other thing calling for insight and expertise, Trump has been a consistent failure.

Without accountability, there is no true reform

Police reform legislation has been passed in a number of states, but none get to the heart of the issue.

It’s wrong to allow government employees to support BLM while at work

I have always believed that bureaucrats working on behalf of the American people should be visibly politically neutral

We must pay attention to secret police

The past few weeks we have seen some quite troubling visuals of secret police descending on cities across the country.

A Credible Plan to Preserve NYCHA that Hinges on November’s Election

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, New York City needed more affordable housing for the vast numbers of our neighbors living one crisis away from homelessness.

Make American Great Again–Trump Must Go! #182

Trump’s fumbling incisiveness on the pandemic is but the latest iteration of his ignorance, insensibility and total disconnect from reality.

Guns, COVID, legislation and the community

As oppressive summer temperatures, heated protests, and frustrations about the spiking COVID-19 pandemic rise, so too does the incidence of gun violence in New York and elsewhere across the country.