As America’s attention wanes, democracy growing in Africa

Lately, the United States has moved to aggressively to bolster pro-western forces in the Ukraine and promote democracy in the Middle East and Asia.

Bully-Proof Diva: What ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ teaches us about abusive relationships

This past weekend the film sensation that’s engulfed mainstream media, popularly known as Fifty Shades of Grey opened up with a record breaking $248.7 million dollar haul worldwide. The $90.7 million made domestically also set a record for the largest ...

Ex-Mayor Giuliani attacks President Obama over love for America

The insanity never stops with the Republicans because they are angry that an intelligent Black man is president of the United States.

Our 'Glory'

The stirring performance of “Glory,” the anthem-like song from “Selma,” by composers John Legend (John Stephens) and Common (Lonnie Lynn) forecast accurately that the work would receive the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Real love is in the air

The month of February is a time to celebrate Black History Month, but it’s also a time to celebrate love.

‘Who gave this S.O.B. his green card?’

You should know that the immigrant community was insulted and disrespected by actor Sean Penn during Sunday night’s Oscars presentation.

Raping the system: Bill Cosby, sexual assault, and racial retribution

Bill Cosby has been "America's Dad" for years, but in light of recent sexual assault allegations by more than a dozen women, one wonders whether that imaged belied a private darkness that expressed itself in the drugging and raping of ...

Boko Haram ‘thugs and zombies’

Again we are gathering in this ongoing campaign to stop the senseless violence of Boko Haram, not just in Nigeria, but in Cameroon, Chad and Niger, and to say stop Africa’s other wars, like in the Congo, that has killed ...

Uncuff our children

Recently, an announcement of significant changes to the discipline code in New York City public schools was made. These changes in policy, intended to provide safety and fairness, are partially derived from the outcry of parents and advocates of children ...

Illegal hotels and the gentrification of communities of color

As if the challenge of rising rents, flat wages and shrinking housing options weren’t enough, many predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods are facing a new and dangerous threat: the rampant growth of such illegal hotel companies as Airbnb.

The indomitable Williams sisters

Despite troubles early in their tennis careers, Venus and Serena Williams have gone on to become champions and show the world they are not outsiders to the sport.

Marshawn Day Lynchin’

For most of his career, running back Marshawn Lynch has been sprinting like a runaway slave. He has been dubbed an animal— they call him “Beast Mode.” For years, mobs of tacklers have tried to capture him, many to no ...

The Teflon Don of civil rights

The Rev. Al Sharpton seems to have learned this lesson long ago: When you’re a controversial civil rights leader who’s made a career out of harassing the cops and embarrassing the government, never keep any assets in your own name.

NYPD trained to criminalize the community

This is what Devin Almonor said when NYPD officers stopped him and threw him against a car. As he testified during the stop-and-frisk trial, I positioned myself so he could easily see me.

Black History Month today, tomorrow and forever

In case you haven’t noticed, we are halfway through Black History Month. And if you’re in a dither about how to commemorate or celebrate this special moment on the calendar, your participation is still more than welcomed at a number ...