What the DOJ Report on Baltimore says about crime, race, and the future

I just finished reading a summary of the Justice Department’s report on the Baltimore Police Department.

Please Stop Smoking, It's Killing Us

My name is Adama, and I live in West Harlem. As a teenager I am aware of a lot of things, and what I notice most is how many of my peers and other younger children are exposed to the ...

Crown Heights Uprising Anniversary

I’m sending this letter to you regarding the Crown Heights Riots in 1991.

Four things Trump must do post-convention

All the pomp and circumstance have passed. The balloons have fallen, and the conventions are over and through.

Giuliani’s giant gaffes

Earlier this year, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was campaigning so eagerly for Donald Trump that he confused Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima.

A litany of lies

With each passing day, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his surrogate, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, are neck and neck in who can best the other in their feast of falsehoods. That is, who tell the most outrageous lies, who ...

Summer is not over yet

I can’t be the only person who is feeling a bit unnerved about the close of summer. I know we are almost a month away from Labor Day, but for some reason this summer seems to have blown by.

Do Black lives matter when it’s a Black cop?

July 25, 2016, Montrell Jackson, a Black police officer recently killed along with two others in Baton Rouge, La., by Gavin Long, a Black former Marine, was laid to rest at the city’s Greenoaks Memorial Park.

Prisons—Islam’s ideal recruitment center

National security and public safety is the government’s foremost responsibility. Over the past 25 years, we have seen the government attempt to tackle crime in various ways.

The need for New York to ‘Raise the Age’

Here’s how it goes: You’re riding the train on the way home from school with a group of friends. A commotion is heard in the middle of the train car.

Hit the road, Bill

Thankfully, Bratton is gone. The consistent pressure of outspoken, uncompromising activists; the organized activities of the movements calling for justice; the prayers of families of victims of police misconduct; and yes, the scrutiny of federal investigations into corruption, have brought ...

Bratton leaves but his legacy lingers on

Two surprising but related announcements recently rocked the metropolitan area. The first was the news that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was leaving his post after a two-year tenure at the end of the month.

The Clintons: Traditional marriage or business deal?

Who knows when it took a turn for the worse—when the Clinton marriage stopped being one of commitment and became a marriage of convenience.

Cover-up of poisoned drinking water impacting millions of Floridians

After five years of our state being under the leadership of Gov. Scott, our representatives are pointing their fingers at everyone but themselves.

Voting ID laws struck down

With the presidential election cycle experiencing unprecedented chaos, it was good news last week for African-American voters when the U.S. Appeals Court struck down a North Carolina law that required a photo identification when casting ballots.