COVID-19: The View Across Black America

Similar to Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago, the global coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on America’s racial fault lines.

COMMENTARY: Who Gets the Ventilators?

The “big and bad” United States is seeing its world dominance recede. We are being vanquished both by a virus and by the ignorance of the “Commander in Chief.”

COMMENTARY: What Do You Say to Someone Battling COVID-19?

It is human nature to want to say the right thing at the right time. To utter words that just might help heal.

COMMENTARY: While you were paying attention to COVID-19, Trump slipped something Past you

while almost all of the news has been focused on Covid-19, the Trump administration dropped auto fuel efficiency standards.

COVID-19 and Black people

It is often stated in the Black community: “when the country gets a cold, we get pneumonia.”

URBAN AGENDA: Helping New Yorkers Get Through COVID-19

COVID-19 presents unique challenges for organizations like the Community Service Society whose mission is to advocate on behalf of New York’s low-income communities and the working poor.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #165

Michigan, and mainly Detroit, can’t catch a break nowadays. After being fiscally demolished and forced into bankruptcy in 2013, the city—and the state—are now reeling from the spread of coronavirus.

Local broadcasting is ‘essential infrastructure’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

Among the entrepreneurs I’ve been speaking with over the past week, there seems to be a growing sense of alarm about the future of their businesses and the state of the American economy.

Thank you to our heroes

The word hero used to get thrown around quite a bit. It seemed like everyday someone was being hailed as a hero.

COVID-19 is a plague, but we are sticking together

The coronavirus is beyond anything that I have ever witnessed. This is a nightmare. However, the difference is that it is not a six or seven-hour nightmare.

Happy Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month. 2020 has been filled with a series of trials and tribulations and the strength of women has been evident in ways large and small.

COVID-19 is a plague, but we are sticking together

The coronavirus is beyond anything that I have ever witnessed.

Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #164

At his daily press conference on Tuesday—well, maybe propaganda podium—Trump said he could see a light in the tunnel, suggesting the COVID-19 was nearing an end. The light in the tunnel may be the virus itself, hurtling down on him ...

Coronavirus and our seniors

I am writing as an 85-year-old Black woman with preconditioned health issues that make me most at risk for contacting and dying from the coronavirus.

Panic buying adds additional stress in COVID-19 pandemic

Panic buying has been rife around the globe in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Customers have been stockpiling goods like hand sanitizer, bottled water, canned goods, paper towels and toilet paper.