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‘“Master Harold” … and the Boys’ is theatrical brilliance

Poignant, riveting, captivating and disturbing are the words that come to mind as you watch the timeless production of Athol Fugard’s “‘Master Harold’ … and the Boys” playing at the Pershing Square Signature Center on West 42nd Street.

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The 44th annual VIV Awards—Oh what a night!

Last Monday night was the annual heartwarming Black Theater family reunion, acknowledgement of extraordinary talent and a love-fest.

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Anna Deavere Smith gives voice to the everyman

I don’t know anyone else who has the gift to interview people—to capture the person’s words and essence, tone of voice, facial gestures, nervous ticks such as stuttering, way of sitting and particular body movements that clearly depict that a different individual is addressing the audience—than Anna Deavere Smith.

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‘Autumn’—An explosive political play

The Billie Holiday Theatre recently presented the politically explosive play “Autumn.”

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Zora Neale Hurston celebrated at Castillo Theatre

New Federal Theatre in association with the Castillo Theatre is celebrating the 125th birthday anniversary of Zora Neale Hurston with a wonderful play penned lovingly and respectfully by Laurence Holder entitled “Zora Neale Hurston, A Theatrical Biography.”

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‘Sweat’ is Lynn Nottage at her best!

Lynn Nottage is a gifted playwright. She can take a real situation and place it into a play in a way that an audience can understand, identify with and deeply care about.

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Nominations are out for 2016 AUDELCOs

Nominations for this year’s AUDELCO Awards, the “VIVs” as they are affectionately called, after late founder Vivian Robinson, were recently announced.

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‘Marie and Rosetta’ will take you to church

“Marie and Rosetta” is a production that needs to be seen! Set in Mississippi in 1946, it tells the story of legendary gospel singer Rosetta Tharpe and her protégé Marie Knight. Tharpe, a popular singer who sold more than a million records, had to deal with prejudice and racism.

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Jordan Donica, first Black ‘Raoul’ in Broadway’s ‘Phantom’

I remember how excited I was when it was first announced that Norm Lewis was going to be cast as the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera,” on Broadway, making him the first Black man to play the role in the Broadway production.

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'Motown the Musical' is marvelous!

“Motown the Musical” is back on Broadway. It’s a completely engaging, soulful trip down memory lane, mixed with serious moments that echo the discrimination that Blacks have endured in this country.

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