Shaun Neblett

News normally gets old quick.

No doubt The New York Post took this into account while receiving flack over last week Wednesday’s now infamous cartoon.

Would the Post really shut their offices down or were their advertisers shaking in their boots over threats of massive boycotts?

Did Post Chairman Rupert Murdoch even think about suspending cartoonist Sean Delonas much less firing him to meet the demands of an enraged NAACP?

Maybe that letter John Legend wrote will be the uppercut to the throat that the Post needs!

We’ll only know when the R&B crooner has a new album or tour date approaching and he blocks any publicity and coverage from appearing in the Post… making his public divorce from the smelly rag whole and complete.

Truth be told… the Post is still handed out for free to students in New York City public schools and public libraries. Oh yes… the Post’s brand name is still being dealt to kids as they walk into these great halls of knowledge… hooking them into the belief that it is THE media source… hooking them into becoming adults who say, “I read the Post ever since I was young.”

Why would a cartoon that depicts two cops killing a chimpanzee that wrote the stimulus bill be of any importance to us seven days later?

Because it’s a stark reminder that people have one of the most powerful abilities there is… While you might not have full control over what’s going on out there in society… you have the absolute power to choose and control what something means to you internally.

What does the entire New York Post situation mean to you a week later?

How is it settling in your mind now that seven days have passed?

Do you still feel upset about it or talk about it? Was the slight only something to be upset about for a few days? Now that you’ve gotten caught up in affairs of your job, has the depiction of Black people in the media become a mute issue? One year from now, will it just be yet another battle that ended up with yet another unknown ending?

Maybe you’ll start welcoming pictures of President Obama like the one that came out four days after the Post cartoon was published on Yahoo News’ Home Page in which the presidential seal looms over Obama’s head like a golden halo. Maybe a week after seeing the President symbolized by a dead chimpanzee one wouldn’t even think that it’s necessary to question a media source depicting President Obam as Jesus, who the Christians say was glorified by the public one week and then crucified and deemed worthless by that same public seven days later.

If we want to survive and for our families to survive… and if we want our kids to have a lasting desire to achieve in life… then we have to master the art of reshaping situations internally and teaching that skill to our children.

I’ve decided that a few years down the line, if I’m blessed to have children, and they come home from school and ask me, “What was that New York Post situation about?” I’ll be able to explain to them that the New York Post cartoon was when their Dad decided to start writing essays to question the media and how we respond to what the media says we are. I’ll explain to them that the New York Post situation was when their father truly understood the importance of sharing with people he loves and is inspired by that true delight and pleasure don’t come from where we live physically– True happiness comes from where we live internally.

Seven days later the New York Post cartoon is a clear reminder that through our power to decide what something means, all people have the ability to transform feelings of being slighted into actions of fulfillment.

What does the New York Post cartoon situation mean to you?