The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is accepting donations for memorials with a holiday theme.

The private non-profit, responsible for the design, raising funds, and operating the memorial and museum being built at the World Trade Center site, is allowing sponsors to donate money for a stone at the memorial.

Donors can send $100 for a cobblestone around the memorial plaza, $500 for a cobblestone on the Memorial Glade and $1,000 buys a granite paving stone on the walkway of the memorial.

“The cobblestone is a donor program that we began as a way to give people a tangible way to support the construction of the memorial and museum,” said Lynn Rasic, spokeswoman for the Memorial and Museum.

The cobblestones will not have names inscribed on them though, she said. Instead, donors will be recognized at permanent kiosks located at the site. Rasic said the names of victims will be visible around the site though in order to keep the focus of the memorial on those closely effected by the Sept. 11 tragedy.

“This is sort of a positive way to contribute to the memorial and a positive response to the tragedy,” she said. “Around the holidays, people are looking for ways to donate to charitable organizations and we thought this was one way they would like to contribute.”