A while back, we noted how the justice system around the country and here in New York City will invoke “selective prosecution” when the opportunity arises to elevate a respected district attorney’s office and, in particular, assistant district attorneys seeking to rise through the ranks.

Plaxico Burress, regardless of his often childish behavior, is being used by the Manhattan DA’s office to elevate themselves in the eyes of the media. A recent report indicated that in over 800 cases of individuals being stopped by law enforcement officials for carrying an unlicensed weapon, none were prosecuted or served jail time. Selective prosecution?

Plaxico Burress is not a criminal, nor is he a danger to anyone except himself. But here’s the real deal: When Plax was handcuffed (note: Bernie Madoff was never handcuffed and was permitted to remain in a $7 million-plus apartment while he was going through the system), Plax, when he turned himself in, was immediately handcuffed when he left the police station and paraded around by uniform cops seeking camera time.

His fate was sealed when the mayor of our city called out for Plax to receive the full extent of the law. Also note that our mayor has yet to mention nor called out for Madoff’s removal from that apartment when he should have been locked up. It would be the height of selective prosecution if Plaxico Burress receives jail time when he returns to court on June 15.