There must be something to this “Praise the Lord” business. All over America and in some places around the world, we will hear, in some form or another, the Lord Jesus, Allah, God or whatever and whomever is being praised for having delivered Barack Obama to the promised land of presidency of the United States. As difficult as it is for me to believe in magic or someone who is blessed, I cannot account for Barack Obama and his ascension–cause that’s what it was–to the presidency of the United States.

By accident, I called it an ascension in our recorded time by one who has been accused or been credited with ascending to the House of His Father. Jesus Christ, isn’t it? Unless we are able to accept that this Harvard-trained, good-looking whippersnapper, curiously named Barack Hussein Obama, was deposited here on earth to be a planted seed by a man from the East, who was conceived on purpose as the son of God to save the souls of man. Either we accept that or there is a genius somewhere in the Obama organization, someone with a genius so profound that he or it was able to outwit and outmaneuver the best minds in America. One is reminded of a description of classes held in the think tanks of America, where the whiz kids were described as the smartest guys in the world, working at Microsoft. Barack Obama did not just happen. Just take a look at it, how improbable it is, how a Black man not of noble birth and a white woman not of noble birth, from two different continents of the world, by chance, meet, fall in love ,conceive a child not celebrated as a genius or special until he was an adult, and came into his own, seemingly distant and fast-tracked to save the world. It is unlikely, but I am as ready to accept that as a premise as I accept the born geniuses that, although deaf, dumb and/or blind, can create a symphony using a teaspoon or recall what happened on every date in recorded history without having read it. No, my friends, something has happened here. It is really within our acceptance framework to claim Barack Obama as our own, born on a tobacco farm in the Deep South of America, sired by a recently arrived slave from Kenya, raised outside the plantation in a circumstance of poverty, but identified as genius, and then his story is told.

It is as logical as Superman and the mineral not yet discovered called kryptonite. No matter which way you cut it, it is an unlikely story. Whatever created Barack Obama or Aboui Ben Adam of “May His Tribe Increase” fame, the living manifetation is among us and has become president-elect of the United States of America. To tell you the truth, I am pleased as punch, yet fearful of the morning when I wake up and discover it was all a dream. Then prayer kicks in that this story, in whatever form, be true, oh Lord. Let it be true ,and let Barack Obama fulfill his destiny with us in a room in the White House called the upper room with a reincarnated Mahalia Jackson as Sister in Charge and Rev. Ike as Master of Ceremonies and Father Devine as the Deliverer. It is to be believed and accepted by all, just as surely as we have accepted the other stories that will begin now all over the world and become part of the legend of the King, who returned to earth to save two lost tribes, the lost tribes of Europe and America, those who tried to integrate and failed and those who now seek a second chance. Glory Hallelujah.