Dear Mayoral Candidate,

At this critical moment, New York City needs great leaders.

We are faced with a national and global economic crisis that began right here on Wall Street. A healthcare crisis that threatens to bankrupt local governments, even as 14,000 Americans lose their coverage every day. A housing crisis caused by the greed of corporate developers and landlords. An energy crisis that could affect our entire planet. And an education crisis that threatens our nation’s competitive edge and our children’s futures.

There is a more fundamental crisis that runs beneath all of these challenges: A crisis of accountability. Too many of the troubles we now face stem from decisions made behind closed doors, regulations removed when no one was looking or reckless actions taken while authorities turned a blind eye.

Our city is strongest when our elected leaders are accessible and accountable to its citizens, explaining their decisions and answering tough questions. That standard of openness must start long before Election Day.

For this reason, the Amsterdam News and El Diario-La Prensaand the Working Families Party cordially request the honor of your presence at a New York City Mayoral Candidates’ Debate sometime in the next month.

This forum will focus on the issues that matter most to New York’s working families: restoring our economy, creating jobs, securing healthcare for every New Yorker, reforming rent and housing policies, providing opportunities for immigrants and new citizens, making New York a world leader on sustainable energy policy and achieving excellence in every New York City school.

Your participation in this debate will be a strong testament to your commitment to accountable government and the concerns of New York’s working families. This debate will play an important role in the Working Families Party’s endorsement decisions and will offer you an opportunity to hear from and speak to the readerships of the Amsterdam News and El Diario-La Prensa.

We respectfully request your response to this invitation within the next week. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Elinor Tatum

Editor in Chief and Publisher

Amsterdam News

Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush

Executive Editor

El Diario-La Prensa

Dan Cantor

Executive Director

Working Families Party