Paul Grenada, Marvin Anderson

Special to the Amsterdam News

Riots and protests must diminish for peace and due process after the shooting death of an unarmed man, said the attorney representing the victim’s family.

Attorney John Burris said escalating violent acts in Oakland are not what shooting victim Oscar Grant’s family wants.

“This is a wonderful man,” he said. “We don’t want to tarnish his reputation or even distrat from his death with the riots.”

Grant was shot by a Bay Area Rapid Tranist officer who had responded to a fight on a train during New Year’s Day.

Grant, unarmed, was face down on the ground at a BART station when officer Johannes Mehserle pulled out his gun and shot him once in the back.

Mehserle said he mistook the gun for a Taser.

Young protestors had organized a rally at the station were Grant was shot and later marched to the city where they faced police officers with riot gear.

The protest escalated and police used tear gas and nightsticks to combat the rioters. In response, the protesters set fire to police cars.

Grant’s family spoke out in a press conference condemning the violence after a night of fury and arrests.

“This is not what the family wants,” Burris said. “They are not violent people.” found on youtbe of the BART Cop shooting of Oscar Grant.

Be warned, the video is graphic.