Plaxico making the clutch reception in the NFC championship 
game at Green Bay last year. (Vern Verna photo) (40381)

It was Black Tuesday for Plaxico Burress. He was formally dismissed from the Giants this past Tuesday. Plaxico Burress will not be shopping for a Super Bowl ring this year after the New York Giants placed him on the non-football injured list that effectively prevents him from participating with his team for the remainder of this season, including all post-season action, which means he will not be eligible if the Giants reach the Super Bowl to play in the game. In addition, Plax forfeited his salary for the remainder of the season. However, because of a new agreement between the NFL Players Association and the NFL, he will receive his $1 million bonus as well as $1 million the organization owes him in other bonus money. His status to join the team for the 2009 season will be determined at a later date after he carried an unlicensed gun into the midtown New York Latin Quarter Club, which he accidentally dropped while removing it from his waste. The weapon discharged a single bullet that found a part of his thigh.

It could have possibly been worse had the bullet found a target other than Burress. It could have been worse had that bullet struck and killed someone. Plax will have a lot to think about as his career comes to a sudden and screeching halt. The Giants have shown great restraint in absorbing the gifted receiver’s many trying moments since he signed with the team as an unrestricted free agent in 2005 from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also had problems with his behavior and professionalism. A native of Virginia Beach and an all-America at Michigan State, Burress, now 31 years of age, doesn’t haven’t many seasons left in his legs. The latest blot on his resume prompted New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to issue an unprofessional demand that “He should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.” A strong statement considering Plaxico has yet to have his day in court on March 31, 2009.

It would seem that with all going on in this city, including under-the-table deals the Yankees and Mets are cutting with City Hall officials, Bloomberg would tend to that situation as noted by Marquez Claxton, co- founder of the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, at a press conference this past Tuesday. “It is unlawful to leverage power and authority as a city representative for personal gain,” said Ms. Claxton of the alleged crimes surrounding the receiving of luxury stadium sky box suites in deals with the two organizations. “We expect that our city officials will not engage in mobster-like behavior. But when they do, they must be prosecuted.” Burress, handcuffed when he left the court room, was treated as if he murdered someone. You can count the times you saw top gangsters on the way to court handcuffed leaving court, laughing as they left. The Giants have done Burress a favor. We can only pray this will be his wake up call.