Seeking reelection for a third term, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to run as a Republican in November. The announcement comes after the Bronx Republican Party endorsed Bloomberg on Saturday. Brooklyn and Staten Island’s Republican parties have already endorsed him.

Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, the city comptroller, is unmoved by the endorsement, noting that Bloomberg “is the single biggest contributor to the Republican Party. Is it any surprise that he’s running as a Republican since he acts like one?” “Mayor Bloomberg and I have had healthy disagreements over issues at times, but I know he is the right person to lead this city forward,” aid Bronx Republican Party Chairman Jay Savino. “The mayor is focused on helping the middle class, creating jobs and growing our economy, and that’s exactly the kind of leadership New York City needs now.”

Savino also noted that since Bloomberg has been mayor, crime has dropped 21 percent in the Bronx, along with the placement of 13,000 jobs by Workforce1 Career Service. He said Bloomberg is responsible for helping 4,000 small businesses through the New York City Business Development program.

Bloomberg has yet to earn endorsements from the Manhattan and Queens GOP parties. He is reportedly seeking an endorsement from the Working Families Party.

In his first two elections, Bloomberg ran as a Republican before deciding to become an Independent. The Independent Party of New York City voted to endorse Bloomberg earlier this month. Thompson, one of Bloomberg’s top opponents in the race for mayor, said Bloomberg’s array of endorsements is business as usual. According to a spokesperson from the Thompson the camp, Thompson is accusing the mayor of buying support from different political parties.

“Once again, Bloomberg is continuing his policy of ‘pay to play’ politics,” said Thompson spokesperson Eduardo Castell. “Bill Thompson doesn’t think New Yorkers are going to reelect someone who ignores their decisions and believes he can play by a different set of rules than the rest of us for his own political advantage. Throughout this election, Bill Thompson will be focused on earning votes, while the mayor continues to try to buy them.”