Brett Favre is back. Again.

Big deal.

At this point in his career Favre is just another guy trying to get his team into the playoffs. Let’s get one thing straight before we go on. It was not a mistake by the Minnesota Vikings to sign him. As much as we would like to see young Tavaris Jackson succeed, Favre can still play the game. Sure, he stumbled down the stretch with the Jets last year, but he strill threw 22 touchdowns.

Getting back to the point, the media’s coverage of Favre’s return has been ridiculous. Helicopters tracking his movements from the airport to the Vikings training facility was crazy. It’s not as if Favre is coming off a Super Bowl victory or even a playoff appearance. He hasn’t won or even been to a Super Bowl in over a decade.

So why all the fuss? Simple. The country’s leading NFL writers (Peter King, Gary Myers, etc…) have all admonished Favre for coming back. Mind you some of these same writers have been praising Favre for almost 20 years. These writers are miffed that Favre came back after saying he was retired.

When Favre held that tear-jerking press conference after the 2007 season announcing his retirement, he was praised for his career accomplishments. And rightfully so. He was a great quarterback for a long time. He put the Packers back on the map. He owned Green Bay.

When it was first reported that Favre wanted to come back, most of those writers dismissed the story. ESPN’s NFL staff didn’t endorse the idea of Favre wanting to come back. Why didn’t they want to believe it? Simple. Favre made it clear to his “media favorites” that he wasn’t coming back. So when the Times reported that he was kicking around the idea, everyone dismissed it.

So naturally, when Favre makes it official, his “media favorites” all feel jilted, because they didn’t get the news first. Just read the recent headlines on Favre’s return. Many of New York’s NFL columnists didn’t pull punches in their tearing down of Favre.

Frankly, everyone should have seen this coming. Favre wanted to go to the Vikings right after he left the Packers. But Green Bay head man in charge Ted Thompson wasn’t about to let that happen. Instead Favre took a detour and stopped with the Jets. His stay with the Jets amounted to a coffee break and is now with the team he wanted to be with in the first place.

Sounds like everyone got bamboozled.

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