For wedding dresses and special occasion dresses, Cassandra Bromfield is the best. Her spring ’09 line reflects elegance, culture and sophistication. She creates both the custom and European and exquisite.

She works with silks, tulle, organza, satin and knits. She will enhance your gown with the special touches that allow you to exude elegance. Her fitting techniques are unique and individual so that your dress will fit you to a fashion tee. Bromfield began her career with chain stitching Barbie doll clothes on an old Singer sewing machine. It was a gift from her mother.

Little did she know at the time that she would become a top international designer. Her clothes are African-American inspired. Much of her work includes patchwork and cowry shells. Her works of design art reflect her deep understanding of international fashion. In a 1999 article in Essence magazine, Bromfield stated, “I help brides have a cultural experience that evokes emotion.” While living in Brooklyn and working out of her studio in Manhattan, Bromfield is well-known, and she is often inspired from museums, collections, books, memorabilia and fantasy.

This editor has known her work and has often featured her designs in the NY Amsterdam News since the ’70s. Bromfield designed daughter Naomi White Randolph’s opulent wedding dress in raw silk with raffia accents. Bromsfield’s wedding dress and bridal designs range from gowns with detailed couture touches on halter, strapless styles, and satin- faced organza dresses with delicate French cuffs to sophisticated matte-jersey creations with fabrics gracefully draped on the body. Her dresses and gowns are steeped in culture and tradition. Good Show!