Congressman Charles Rangel will deliver the opening remarks of the Urban Agenda Summit during the 10 am opening session, Friday, December 12th at City Hall. Councilman Seabrook, Congressman Rangel, Speaker Christine Quinn and participants of the Summit, will work together to develop legislative and advocacy strategies that support the passage of federal legislation that authorizes the rebuilding of our nation’s infrastructure.

The upcoming “Urban Agenda Summit” brings an excellent opportunity for elected officials, educators, government, corporate, and non-profit policy planners and community advocates – of New York City – to come together to formulate policies and plans that will create employment and business opportunities for minorities in New York City.

“I am emboldened by the interest in our meeting, and I’m especially excited that Congressman Charles Rangel, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, is taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to bring a message from the United States House of Representatives.” said Councilman Seabrook.