In the book “The Mormon Way of Doing Business: Leadership and Success Through Faith and Family,” former Madison Square Garden CEO and current St. Louis Blues (National Hockey League) owner Dave Checketts states to author Jeff Benedict: “In business situations we get well prepared and we go in undaunted. I don’t know if this is unique to the Mormon culture. But we are individuals who have a mission and are absolutely undaunted by it.”

Ostensibly, Checketts’ is so alarmingly obsessed with his mission that he is unmoved by, and insensitive to, the feelings of millions of people spanning a broad racial and cultural spectrum that view the vitriolic radio host and divisive demagogue, Rush Limbaugh, as a dangerous and contemptible human being.Earlier this week, Limbaugh confirmed that he is a prominent member of an investment group headed by Checketts that is endeavoring to purchase the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. The widespread disapproval to this revelation, which has included opposition from players such as the Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka and the Jets’ Bart Scott, is substantial. But while almost all of the outrage has been concentrated on Limbaugh, Checketts has gone relatively unscathed as of AmNews press time. Yet he has proven to have mortgaged his Mormon values, unless those values condone engaging in a close relationship with a decidedly wicked bigot like Limbaugh.If money is the root of all evil, Checketts’ moral compass has pointed him directly towards the almighty dollar, selling his soul to the proverbial devil. It would be redundant to quote Limbaugh’s numerous racist and misogynistic remarks. But I am sure Checketts has heard many of them.I had very little interaction with Checketts when he headed the Knicks and subsequently MSG. However, several people that I know who worked for him or had frequent contact with Checketts hold him in extremely high regard as a person and business leader. That is why on the surface a union with Limbaugh is seemingly antithetical to his character. Unquestionably, there would be a seismic outcry of anger among the general populace if Tiger Woods formed a potential ownership group that included Louis Farrakhan. Here’s a message I hope someone passes along to Checketts: Countless Americans, particularly African Americans, look upon Limbaugh in the same manner as those that despise Farrakhan.