It’s coming closer, you know. It might really happen. Senator Barack Obama may really become president, rather than president-elect. He will become president, for real. So it is in the winter of 2009 and the year of our Lord forever. Oh happy day, oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away. Watch carefully through the lens of your yesterdays and you’ll see Mahalia Jackson, Sister Roberta Thorp and countless others soaring above where the angels dwell in order to sing to us, oh happy day, oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away.

Something must have happened to make colored folks the way they is. Something must have happened, not genetically because I don’t believe that this can be done. Something happened spiritually that indeed makes it possible to wash our sins away because we spent the days from slavery that was yesterday to freedom that is now washing and praying while our sins were washed away.

We’ve gained enough credentials to go to wherever it is that the inauguration and the inaugural ball will be held and say to the gate keeper, “I’m Black. I voted for Obama. Jesus washed my sins away. Let me in.” “I sho will, massa,” the new gate keeper will say, breaking into a smile and jokes that would thrust the anger from angels if angels were provoked as were they during the Civil Rights Movement. What a day. What a day. And it’s coming right soon, too. You don’t believe it, ask my sister Lorraine in Delaware or my sister Edna in Atlanta or my brother Herbert in Durham and my angel Emily from wherever she wants to be.And they believe, you see, that Jesus did wash our sins away and that’s why Barack Obama is here. Oh happy day, oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away.

You must remember this, you know, that it hasn’t been very long since our heads were being whipped and our fingernails pulled from our fingers by pliers or when our mother’s children, sisters, aunts and cousins were being viciously raped by a gang of men, who were white, just because they could. And the Black men, almost to the one, beaten unmercifully and often killed by white Americans just because they could. Oh happy day, oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away.

It is not to have you or anyone else on the face of the earth to believe that the raping and the beatings are over. Of course they are not. We be fools to think so. But it is over, don’t you know? It’s over. It is not sanctioned by God or man. It’s over, you know. And Jesus washed my sins away. Perhaps you are wondering why we do not pray for the wiping away of the sins of the oppressors. That hardly makes a difference, what we do about the oppressor. The oppressor is going to be the oppressor, no matter what we do or say, and we will wash his sins away by putting a God whipping on him. I live now for the moment when Mr. Barack Obama rises in front of the capital, as did Lincoln, on that special day in January to take the oath of office. The Christmas tree would have been removed from the White House lawn. The Japanese cherry trees would not yet have begun to bud and Black Washington, in all it’s finery, would be out to chant the words of freedom and these sounds of victory because, don’t you know, he did wash our sins away and gave us the child from the east when we never expected it, who we didn’t even know, who was delivered among us by surprise in this trickiest of fashions as it could be done by Step ‘n Fetchit.

Yes, he sure did, man. He washed my sins away. But I got some new ones now. So hurry up and let’s get inaugurated and make the first decisions about eliminating the war so we can start working on the real stuff like commissioning God to make some more happy days when he’ll wash our sins away. It is time, isn’t it, to live, to grow a little, and to prosper a lot? It is time to live. I’m washing in the manna of Jesus.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and everything else that is necessary and proper in the washing away of one’s sins, for tomorrow is not yet lived, but it must be lived because this is the chapter of Revelations coming to life. Oh, what a day, what a day when Jesus washed my sins away. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Stop spending your money on stupid stuff and let your sins be little ones.