No one would disagree that George Herbert Walker Bush put a saddle on “Willie” Horton and rode him straight into the White House. This is an example of playing the race card to the hilt. While out of a Massachusetts prison on a weekend pass, Horton kidnapped a white couple, stabbed the boyfriend and repeatedly raped his girlfriend. Out of fear of negative public reaction, a political action committee took credit for the Willie Horton ad. William Horton’s name was changed to “Willie” Horton. “Willie” has an association with descendants of enslaved Africans–compare William “Bill” Ayers. Afterwards, the Bush campaign pushed a “revolving door” ad asserting that Gov. Mike Dukakis was soft on crime.

He also seemingly opposed capital punishment, even if his wife had been raped, hypothetically, by “Willie” Horton. Bush 41 was stoking the flames of racism. In a clever way, the political campaign against Sen. Barack Obama is a replay of “Willie” Horton. Barack Hussein Obama is a substitute for “Willie” Horton. It is a double whammy. The subliminal message is one of racism and religious bigotry. Thus, Obama is a Black terrorist. Obama’s association with William Ayers, a former Weatherman, only adds fuel to the fire. If whites had succeeded in making an association between Frederick Douglass and John Brown, Blacks would still be planning an exit strategy. Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain’s running mate for the White House, refuses to honor Obama by using his Senate title. Other prominent members of McCain’s entourage intentionally refer to Obama by his full name–Barack Hussein Obama. This is by design. Anyone with the name of “Hussein” must be a terrorist.

Guilt by association nearly sent Muhammad Ali to a federal prison. McCain has taken an oath not to insult another member of the U.S. Senate. He must always refer to senators by their official titles in proceedings before the U.S. Senate. Thus, Obama has to be referred to as “the junior Senator from Illinois.” Off the Senate floor, senators may be referred to affectionately by their first names instead of the titles of their office. McCain refuses to refer to Obama as “Barack.” Obama is being treated as though a country club has been forced to accept a Black member. This is institutional racism. McCain went off the charts, however, when he referred to Obama as “that one.” Even though the reference was clearly racist and unprecedented, it was also unethical and in violation of Senate rules. Sen. Harry Reid should have immediately called for an ethics investigation and the entire Senate should have condemned McCain. It is also interesting to note that Palin asked Sen. Joseph Biden for permission to call to him “Joe.” She made no similar effort before proceeding to call Sen. Obama by his first name. No senator can be referred to by his first name without his permission unless he is Black. This is a sad commentary on the U.S. Senate and especially the Democratic Party. Black men used to be called “boy.” This past weekend, Cong. John Lewis accused the Republican Party of “sowing the seeds of hatred and division. “To be sure, the McCain presidential campaign is reminiscent of the political rhetoric of Gov. George Wallace. In 1958,after losing an election, Wallace vowed that he would never be “outniggered” again. He kept this vow for the rest of his life.

The Iroquois Confederacy is the architect of the U.S. Constitution. Benjamin Franklin, the Pennsylvania Indian commissioner, was the middleman. Franklin was so impressed with the political knowledge of the Iroquois Confederacy that he would have superimposed their entire political organization on the United States. The Iroquois Confederacy also created the “melting pot.” Of course, the “founding fathers” had the last word in secret proceedings in Philadelphia in 1787.This meeting was a matter of last resort for American capitalism. Iroquois chief Canassatego had warned an Indian-British assembly in 1744 of the difficulty of the Iroquois Confederacy doing business with several separate colonial administrations. He proposed a political union like the League of the Iroquois. On issues that were common to the thirteen colonies, the colonies would speak with one voice. Otherwise, each colony would be on its own to establish its own rules. This was a recognition of interstate commerce and federalism. Despite the warning, the “founding fathers” authored the Articles of Confederation. Accordingly, the “Father of the United States” was a Black man.

This is also true for Mexico. The Articles of Confederation were unworkable since they gave deference to thirteen separate and sovereign states, the embodiment of state’s rights. Eventually, the advice of Iroquois chief Canassatego held sway over America’s future. This became the concept of federalism and it would facilitate capitalism. To this day, white supremacists are still attempting to buck the wisdom of Indians in America. There was no similar paradigm in Europe.

England had a monarchy. The “founding fathers” chose to embrace Kaianerekowa or Great Law of Peace to the extent that it could be made compatible with xenophobia and misogynism. This became an oxymoron. This law also included rules of political civility and comity for members of Congress. The source of this political civility is the Iroquois Confederacy. These civil rules are still unknown to the British Parliament. This disparity between the manner in which Congress conducts its business and the way the British Parliament conducts its business, for example, can be observed on C-SPAN. Shouting and name-calling in the British Parliament are commonplace. They are forbidden in Congress. McCain and Palin should have been enjoined from engaging in political defamation before they started playing the race card. They were out of bounds when they labeled Obama as “unqualified.” Academically, he would lead all U.S.presidents, unless McCain is embracing the political writings of Thomas Jefferson. This name tag is also unprecedented in American politics.

No white senator has ever referred to a white colleague as unqualified. By definition, the Senate is a council of wise men. This was the intent of the “founding fathers.” Every white senator has been presumed to possess wisdom. when you need them? This is evidenced in the age requirement between a senator and a congressman. The minimum age for a U.S. Senator is 30 and the minimum age for a member of the House of Representatives is 25. No one questioned Biden’s wisdom when he was elected to the U.S. Senate in the 1970s. Before the ratification of the 17th Amendment, state legislatures elected U.S. senators. Members of the U.S. Senate are elected for six years and members of the House of Representatives are elected for only two years. Obama has earned his stripes. His qualifications by reproach. Obama may be ready for Black people, but Black people are definitely not ready for Obama. He is receiving no cover from Black leaders against racist attacks. While Obama is ducking bullets, self-appointed, Black spokespersons are running for the tall grass.

They are Judas goats. Things would be different if Malcolm X, Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Cong. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. were alive today. Regime change is the pipeline to genocide. It happened in the United States before it happened in Iraq. When Obama becomes president, he must acknowledge that Bankruptcy” for centuries. Unlike in the Great Depression of the 1930s with an unemployment rate of 25 percent, the unemployment rate of Black males in New York today, for example, exceeds 50 percent. Other Blacks are warehoused in the prison-industrial complex. Blacks have never enjoyed any access to credit markets. This was the fatal blow. Freedom National Bank collapsed nearly two decades ago. Despite the FDIC guarantees, Blacks lost their deposits. It is still not too late to enact retroactive, remedial legislation for those depositors or their estates.

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