For fall/winter ’09, N.Y.-based designer Mimi Plange has launched Boudoir D’ Huitres, an international collection. She believes in producing beautiful and luxurious clothes with superior workmanship and design.

The Boudoir D’Huitres’ Flights of Fancy collection guides you through a whimsical exploration of volume, weight and opulence. For this season, the focus is on change and transformation of the shape of the human body. Silhouettes are structured with rounded shoulders. Her gravity-defying tulip dresses and body-skimming silhouettes are seductive without overly revealing the natural beauty of human structure.

Colors are rich and amplified with hues of nearly ripe raspberry and deep emerald green. There’s also a decadent touch of contrasting black and white on these styles. Striking jewel tones are paired with macaroon, pastel pinks and powder blues.

Within fabrications, textures are key. There are jacquard prints, butter-soft leather and sumptuous alpaca wool. Silks are rich and brilliant in the form of chiffon, Dutch-styled satin and crepe-back satin.

A native of Ghana, Mimi Plange moved to Southern California at the age of 5 with her mother and her four siblings. Her mother instilled in her a love of clothes from a young age. After graduating with a major in architecture from the University of California, she decided her heart belonged in designing clothes rather than buildings. To fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Mimi waved goodbye to California and moved to New York to work for a jewelry firm. Before launching her own brand, Mimi worked with a number of high-profile celebrities and designers.

“I design clothes that accent the woman wearing my style,” said Mimi. “The clothes reflect the woman and have an appealing, understated glamour with an emphasis on substance and quality, rather than image.”