You thought drugs laws were harsh here?

Go to Bali: you could die for 9 pounds of marijuana.

On June 30, HBO will air the documentary “Ganja Queen,” which tells the story of Schapelle Corby, an Australian tourist who goes on a trip to Indonesia. All seems well until Indonesian customs officers take her in.

When inspecting her bag, they discovered 10 pounds of marijuana in her boogie board bag.

Sounds really sad, sounds kind of fishy. How exactly does that much weed end up in a vacation bag? On top of that, why is it that the legal system is so eager to beat, cane or kill people. There is very little in the way of what we call “CSI.” No fingerprints taken, not too many questions asked and not too much other evidence gathered. The judges looked like they’d rather be golfing that having a fair trial.

Granted, we have some questionable issues here, but this case makes you not want to get on a plane.

Watch it and take note of all the shady characters on both sides of the story-the ones trying to save Schapelle and the ones trying to imprison her.