There is a plethora of statistics that are pertinent to the Giants as they get ready to host the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at the Meadowlands.

However, the two most pertinent numbers associated with the Giants are six and 10. The former being the amount of games left on their regular season schedule and the latter the sum of wins needed to ensure themselves an invitation to the playoffs.

After losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-17 last Sunday on the road, the Giants are now 6-4 and a game behind the 7-3 Eagles in the fight for the NFC East title. The rivals will meet again on December 19 on the Giants’ home turf.

But the Giants cannot look that far ahead. Their immediate concern should be the Jaguars, who are also 6-4 and in first place in the AFC South.

The Giants are currently in the seventh position in the NFC, with only six teams making it to the post-season. They have three games left on the road and three at home, although their final two games are in Green Bay against the Packers and Washington versus the Redskins.

At the very least, the Giants must go 3-3 to lock up a wildcard spot. A loss to the Jaguars could be disastrous.

It’s elementary to theorize that the source of the Giants’ two-game losing streak is turnovers.

Their head coach, Tom Coughlin, said after the Eagles defeat “This callous disregard for the ball, which has been going on for probably a year and a half here, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it, again, cost us the football game.”


Yet, while their propensity to cough up the ball – the offense has eight turnovers over the last two games – is indeed problematic, the subtext is the Giants’ inability to seize the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

The defense allowed a 50 yard touchdown dash by Eagles running back LeSean McCoy on fourth down and a yard to go late in the fourth quarter and a subsequent two-point conversion that gave the Eagles a 24-17 lead. A Giants stop and they have the ball with a 17-16 advantage.

‘”It’s not the end of the world, Giants QB Eli Manning,” determined of the loss.

Then again, another L this Sunday could be the end of the Giants’ playoff hopes.