Here’s something many sports writers just can’t understand.

Eli Manning for all his guts and glory and lineage is a sloppy quarterback. The kind of passer that does not maintain good mechanics in the face of pressure.

Sure he’ll stay in the pocket, fight off a sack or two, but when he throws the ball I can hear him going “Well golly gosh darn it leave me alone!!! The ball went that way!!!!”.

That sloppiness is covered up by a 6ft 5in tall freak of nature with the speed to go deep and the size that makes defensive backs scared to make a tackle.

How many times over the past few years have you seen Eli just lob a pass over the middle that Plax would catch without much effort. He would just reach his hands out and snag the ball out of the air.

The catches were pretty remarkable, and pushed Burress’ profile to the point where he was in the “Top Ten Wideouts in the Game” Discussion.

However, for every good catch, is a pretty bad pass. Often times the attempt would be thrown while there was a db drapped all over Burress. Leading to the Michigan State alum having to fight off the defender and rip the ball out of the air.

Sure it looks nice, and gets the crowd involved, but for crying out loud, make it a bit easier.

Without Burress there those ugly ducks get thrown to Steve Smith, who is used to catching tight spirals from polished quarterbacks in college, and Amanti Toomer who is neither strong, fast or quick.

Kevin Boss would catch passes simply because the defense forgot about him, that’s dumb luck more than design.

If you want the Giants offense to remain potent, and to stay on schedule Eli NEEDS Burress, without him, he becomes Dave Brown in another 4 years.