Georgia State Senator Seth Harp has proposed that all Historically Black Colleges and Universities be dissolved and combined within the populace of other predominant White institutions of Higher Learnings. I have one response for the Senator. Why not dissolve the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and all the other predominant White colleges and universities in his state into HBCU’s Morehouse, Savannah State, Albany State and Fort Valley. But I doubt that would be acceptable to those HBCU’s. After all, does Senator Harp know that the pre-dominant Black schools in Georgia and around the country exist only because some Blacks were not permitted to attend schools like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Virginia, Michigan State and all the others? Not until Black athletes changed the face of collegiate sports were Blacks painfully, in many cases, accepted at those schools. So we say no thanks, Senator. Stay on your side of the Senate floor and we’ll stay on our side.