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What’s Michelle Obama wearing for her husband’s inauguration ceremony in January? It’s the question on everyone’s tongue. Throughout the campaign, her look was conservative, comfortable, casual and chic. However, for the Inauguration, her look should be much more elegant and couture-like, yet reflect her own style and image as the first lady. The last first lady in the fashion headlines was Jacqueline Kennedy for her husband President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural ceremonies. Her inaugural gown was designed by Oleg Cassini.

Designers around the world are requesting the opportunity to create Michelle Obama’s first, important look. Here are some fabulous ideas from three top African-American designers chosen by this editor. A call from former Ebony Fashion Fair commentator and The Ground Crew founder Audrey Smaltz inspired this, hopefully, helpful piece. Designer J.Wesley Tann is the first African-American designer to open a shop on 7th Avenue in New York. He has created sleek styles for opera diva Leontyne Price, maternity ensembles for the late Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and dancer Carmen De Lavallade. His sophisticated sheath sketch is just one of his ideas to help her shine and make her transition into her new life fashionably easier.

On another haute couture note, designer Edward Wilkerson offered two opulent looks, one in black and the other in red. You can picture Michelle Obama in his modern looks. Wilkerson is the creative director at Lafayette 148 in New York City. His looks are fabulous. Special occasion/bridal dress designer Cassandra Bromfield shows two scans of four dresses. Her gowns are cut on the bias in six-ply silk. She focuses on a body-conscious fit, but not too provocative for one style with a little bit of patchwork. The other styles have a full sleeve with beading at the shoulder and at the cuffs.

“I would leave the color choice up to the first lady,” said Cassandra Bromfield. “However, I think she would look beautiful in a pewter or even a gold. This is a precious moment. I love the idea of adding crystals and some semi-precious stones to the embellishments of gowns.”