Angel Pagan, Josh Thole, Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell, Tobi Stoner, Pat Misch… Remember those names, because some of them could end up being Mets regulars next year.

With reports circulating that the Mets are going to be tight with wallet next season, they only other place they could look to for help is from within.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the aforementioned players, such as Pagan, Thole and Parnell, have shown they may be worth another look next year. Murphy is another story. Although he’s hit the ball well the last month or so, he still has only nine homers and 53 RBIs. If he’s going to be the Mets everyday first baseman, his power numbers need to pick up.

Getting back to what the Mets are going to do for next season, they have to make their fans want to spend a king’s ransom on tickets and parking. The diehards will come. But the casual fans may decide to spend their money elsewhere if it looks like the Mets aren’t going to upgrade the roster.

Yes, Mets fans, the roster needs an upgrade. Even if Carlos Beltran, who returned ot action Tuesday night, Jose Reyes and David Wright come back strong in 2010, it won’t be enough. We can’t forget what happened in 2007 and 2008. Wright, Reyes and Beltran were part of those teams.

So here’s the Marcus Henry solution to the Mets problems.

1. Get another frontline starter. Roy Halladay would be the preferred choice, but he will cost a ton because the Mets would have to re-sign him. If Halladay isn’t attainable, Seattle’s Felix Hernandez would work, too. But he would cost a ton in prospects.

2. Bring in two big bats. One has to be a primetime slugger, the other just needs to be a solid hitter. Matt Holliday would work. Johnny Damon, assuming the Yankees don’t re-sign him, could fit also. Jason Bay could also be available.

3. Part ways with Brian Schneider. He’s been terrible at the plate since coming to the Mets and is adequate defensively. Catchers like that are a dime a dozen. Let Omir Santos take over the everyday catching duties. But make it official, not by default. And let Josh Thole, who has been impressive since coming up last week, be the number two backstop. Risky? Nope. How many teams have great backup catchers?

4. Make sure Angel Pagan is part of this team next year. He’s proven he can be a productive major leaguer. He was solid in 2008 before an injury ended his season after just 31 games and he’s been excellent this year. Through 64 games and 249 at bats, he was hitting .301with six home runs, 28 RBIs and 13 stolen bases.

If the Mets can do half of what I suggested, they will have a chance at the playoffs next year. If they stand pat, fail to sign any quality free agents and claim they can win with what they have, 2010 will be another long, lost season.