The moment of reckoning for the Knicks’ front office has arrived.

Either a move needs to be made to salvage their season or they should concede that making the playoffs, or at least staying in contention, is not realistic and that the summer free agent market is the organization’s focal point.Admitting the latter would be unsound public relations, as apathy would quickly seep into the consciousness of the fan base as well as the locker room. But if the Knicks continue to lose at their current rate, inaction on the part of the chief decision makers would be the loudest and most unambiguous declaration that they have turned their attention to the future.Going into last night’s (Wednesday) game versus the Washington Wizards at the Garden, the Knicks were 3-9 in their previous 12 games. With an unsteady rotation and players such as Jonathan Bender contributing little while Larry Hughes languishes on the bench, the once promising dynamics the Knicks were developing are slowly deteriorating.Losing will do that. But their regression has been, at least partly, a byproduct of Mike D’Antoni’s diminishing trust in, and patience for, a revolving group of players. To his credit, D’Antoni hasn’t sugarcoated the Knicks’ status. He has been honest in assessing his team’s talent in relation to the league’s playoff and championship contenders.But he knows they could be better, or at least in a more favorable position in the standings, and some of his questionable moves, such as benching Nate Robinson for one month, has debatably been a root causes of their 18-29 record, which placed the Knicks six games out of the eighth and last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference when the week began.Fans have hung in there with this group because they have by and large played with sustained effort over the course of the first three months of this campaign. But in loses to the Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves over the weekend, they looked like a team that was wearing down mentally and physically with one week remaining before the All-Star break.Help may be on the way. Or maybe not. The diehard supporters just want to know.