Luck? Skill? No matter how you slice it, the Jets came home with a much-needed win.

The Jet exorcized many demons in Sunday’s 24-20 road victory over the Denver Broncos. First and foremost, the Jets won an ugly game. It was a game of turnovers (3), missed opportunities, shoddy defense and several other negative things the Jet coaching staff will need to address. Mark Sanchez came crashing down to earth with two interceptions. There were at least two other plays he could’ve been intercepted on.

The Broncos were able to run (145 yards) and pass (201) on the Jets defense. Darrelle Revis was again limited because of his hamstring injury. Revis’ struggles left the rest of the Jets secondary, Drew Coleman in particular, exposed. The Jets found themselves on the fortunate end of a pass interference call that set them up with a 1st-and-G from the 2-yardline with 1:13 left. Was that luck? Of course, but Rex Ryan isn’t about to apologize.

“It could be debatable, but we don’t care. We’ll take it,” he told reporters. “I’d like to apologize for that win. No I wouldn’t.”

Of all the bad things that went on the Jets still got the win. The Jets are 5-1 heading into the bye week. More important than the win on paper was the psychological victory for the Jets. Pundits have been wondering when Sanchez was going to lead the Jets down the field for a last-minute touchdown or field goal to win a game. He did that.

There was also a question of what would happen when Sanchez has a multi-interception game. Could the Jets overcome it? Could Sanchez? Yes and yes. How about the offense? Could it be counted on to bail out the defense, which has begun to spring leaks? Yes. The Jets took advantage of every Denver miscue. Sure that last pass interference call was a gift, but Sanchez still had to make the throw and LaDainian Tomlinson had to finish off the drive with a 2-yard run.

Last but not least. Could the Jets win a game on or near the west coast? The Jets are 1-5 in the regular season on the west coast over the last five years.

It’s official. The Jets have arrived.