It wasn’t a shock that the Washington Wizards made John Wall the No.1 pick.

What may have shocked people was how humble Wall was. He didn’t rave about being the No.1 pick and he didn’t go on a tangent about how good he can be. Wall talked about leadership, improving his jump shot and working on his defense. He lauded Kentucky coach John Calipari for helping prepare him for an NBA career.

“Coach taught me a lot and I became a better leader vocally,” Wall said. “I was always a leader by example, being the first in the gym and the last in the gym working hard. But I’m a leader that won’t mind speaking up to the older guys.”

Wall joins a Wizards team that is in dire need of leadership. With the team still experiencing the aftermath of the Gilbert Arenas gun fiasco, getting a player the caliber of Wall could be just what the franchise needs.

Getting the fans back on their side will be a challenge. But Wall said he wasn’t too concerned about the fan base. Improving the product on the court, he said, is the top priority.

“I feel like if you support [the fans], they are going to be there,” Wall said. “The main thing is being on the court and learning so much. It’s a different game and a different speed and I’ve been grinding hard this whole summer waiting and preparing for it.”