Labelle, the legendary, incomparable, fierce and still-bold and sassy female trio has still got it going on. On Thursday night of last week, thousands of their passionate fans packed the Beacon Theatre on Broadway to witness an amazingly electrifying concert consisting of those daring fabulous singing divas known as Labelle, i.e., Patti LaBelle, Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx.

Over 32 years after Labelle split, Joy Behar, a co-host of “The View,” walked onto the Beacon stage and announced one of the world’s greatest female singing groups. Immediately, the sold-out audience went wild, screaming, shouting and even crying as the fabulous trio strutted their stuff onstage, dressed in retro, vintage style with black leather and feathers, complemented with funky hairstyles. Patti’s brazen costume included an alien-like extended tail. These ladies, at ages 64 (Patti), 64 (Nona) and 63 (Sarah), looked just gorgeous–Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and India. Aire, please take great notes!

Labelle opened by singing “Miss Otis Regrets,” then proceeded into “Messing With My Mind” and “Super Lover,” all hit songs featured on their recently released “Back to Now” reunion CD. One could see the natural chemistry of love between them onstage. As Patti sang the lead solo of a song, you could see and feel the sisterly backup harmony of Nona and Sarah, supporting the wind beneath her wings.

At one moment during the concert, Sarah and Nona surprised Patti with a very expensive and very beautiful fox fur head piece and wrap-around fox fur. As Sarah said, “Because I have all of my sisters and, unfortunately, Patti, you have lost all of your sisters. This fox fur is just a small gift from Nona and myself because you have always been there for us and have always meant so much to us and to your fans.” Also, during their concert, Patti acknowledged the present hard economic times that we are all going through. She deeply thanked all of their fans, Blacks, whites, straight, gay, and transsexuals, for buying a ticket to support their concert. It was very sincere gratitude and this is why even without any hit records for years, passionate fans of Labelle have always supported Patti, Nona and Sarah: because these ladies have always kept it real. During a Q&A session with the audience, a fan wanted to know why more songs from Patti and the Bluebells were not being sung. In response, Nona said, “The time restraints of the program do not allow us to go back to many of those songs, because we would be here all night if we attempted singing all those songs.”

As an encore, Labelle sang “What Can I Do For You?” and they announced that in May, Labelle will be performing at a special fundraiser concert in Harlem. So check out Labelle’s website at to catch these very special, fierce, fabulous,

majestic divas.